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Project description:
Community helps community

We are planning to build an app which will show users of the app local shops, medicine stores and other essential services near them and no. of people inside them in realtime.
We will also show the distance to them through Maps.
Apart from this, the users can also check the availability of various items in their local shops. The information will be crowd sourced in realtime.
We think this app will be beneficial to all trying to maintain social distancing by providing them crucial information of various shops and services in their locality.

Team members:
Soumya Ranjan Mohanty
K Sai Kishan
Amiya Kumar Tripathy
Bishal Subhadarshi Jena

Video Demo:

Git repo:

princess-leia-531009 · 814d ago

Social distancing is more important than ever. Glad to see a project focusing on that!

Deleted · 814d ago

The idea is awesome and extremely useful during this era of social distancing. I'm curious how the real-time stock count can stay accurate if it just relies on crowd-sourced data. Great initiative nevertheless!

amiya-98 · 814d ago

We are still working on that part and the team will try to complete this application. · 814d ago


worldwidekatie · 814d ago

Really excellent idea and execution on a very important topic!

furiosa-357279 · 814d ago

great :)

mendes · 814d ago

That's cool. This would be super useful as everyone and could even slow panic buying. Nice!

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Looks amazing.

ramji · 814d ago

Right idea in right time...!!!

nell-633724 · 814d ago

Yup this would be very helpful for me if I take in consideration the hoarders living in my neighborhood