Solo founder dilemma - not accountable to anyone?
Shared by manojranaweera · 44d ago · 11 comments

What's the biggest issue you have as a solo founder?

Is lack of accountability an issue?

kendsouza · 44d ago

Lack of accountability is not a issue..because I am accountable to my customers always.
I started getting traction when I started listening to my customers and giving them what they want.
The biggest issue was myself getting all the nonsense that is out there..accountability,time management etc etc:) No more! · 43d ago

Completely agree, accountability isn't an issue.
Being focused towards what we want to build when there are (more exciting) things to do / competitors / products around us.

manojranaweera · 44d ago

Glad to hear you got things in harmony Ken. Well done.

woutdispa · 42d ago

I wonder if LinkedIn penalizes you in the algo for replying to your own post 6x :))

manojranaweera · 42d ago

Probably does!

luissanchez · 41d ago

Its hard to sell to investors.

manojranaweera · 41d ago

In my case, I am not looking for investment.

By the way, what you are building Luis? Got a URL?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 42d ago

Hey, it's why I'm here. I'm also very heavily accountable to my wife as she sees the money going out the door.
I have a local digital business group I've been involved with for years, meet about 10 times/year and that's both a sounding board and (informal) accountability group.

If you're in Pioneer and not treating it seriously as an accountability group then why bother?

kendsouza · 42d ago

Ah.. you don't have to be rigid. There need not be one reason to use this platform or any platform.
For accountability there needs to be transparency. It is hard to call Pioneer transparent.
The leaderboard is not outcome based .. likely heavily moderated by the inside folks to keep it relevant.
As for the feedback .. it is volatile..mostly courtesy feedback..once in a while you will have a gem of a feedback.
But it is a good observation platform, good for journaling..sometimes the act of evaluating some projects brings about some insights.
And as a community,it is a positive to connect and share thoughts. I would not know 'Andy' or 'Manoj' without Pioneer.:)
There ya go..the good with the bad.

PS: I am just as accountable to my wife:)

manojranaweera · 42d ago

End of the day, aren't we all (wife)?

manojranaweera · 42d ago

Hi Andy, that sounds like me in my early days. I updated my "now" web page