Favourite No-code/low-code tools?
Shared by coryz · 306d ago · 6 comments

Abstractions are awesome and democratize software development.
What are your favourite no-code/low-code tools and how are you using them to build?

manojranaweera · 305d ago

I'm just using WordPress to build https://skilledup.life. It's no code.

niclaflamme-2 · 305d ago

Built my landing page in Webflow and I also love Retool for internal apps.
Retool might be considered Low-Code though... but its incredibly fast and powerful.

John_CropSafe.io · 306d ago

A few I've tried:

Really smooth for making mobile apps, not as much functionality for web apps. A lot of limitation with how much control you have over your product design however.

Bubble.io is by far my favourite, also seems to be the most powerful of all the no/low code tools I've tried. There's a lot of things that are technically not really possible with Bubble, but there's always small tricks you can use to get around them. Mobile apps can be built with the same complexity but are a bit fiddly to figure out. Can take a good bit of trial and error but most projects are usually possible one or or another with Bubble, would highly recommend. Unlimited design flexibility is also one of it's largest benefits that most builders fall behind on.

My favourite tool after Bubble. This isn't a front-end app builder but can run your backend really well and is a more expanded version of Zapier. Workflows are linked up in a no-code style with the same flexibility to use code if you need. This runs a lot of our backend workflow and can scale really well. Zapier is a good alternative but is much more pricey.

Go to website builder if you want something beautiful. Very steep learning curve and will drive you insane with all it's little quirks, however it's more of a love hate relationship. Wouldn't really build out a web/mobile app with it though, I've done so previously and ran into a few brick walls when scaling.

buddy · 306d ago

using Webflow to build my homepage, and Airtable for basically everything, but esp recruiting

Cloud-Wizard.com · 305d ago

We are building a new tool and we still in our early stages, what makes us different is that you can generate a full software app in few clicks, then download the source code in any technology stack we provide. Soon users will be able to design their own custom technology stack and can share it with others for a price. And in our final stage we will allow users to share the software apps that were built on the cloud wizard and share with others for a price as well. Tell me guys what do you think about this new tool please

cilliancollins · 306d ago

For landing pages I'm a big fan of Umso. It's a pretty good way to create a quick landing page and get your ideas down. It's particularly useful in the early stage of a startup to get everything written down and help figure out the direction of things.