Pioneer fluctuation
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I found that more than the competition for funding is NOT the main issue for me. Seeing my location on the leaderboard is constantly pushing me forward to improve and close the loops that generate progress. The issue is that I do look at the numbers of where is the company located in the compaction
I found the fluctuation very strong and it affects my day to day (jumping from 85 to 50 and then to 65 - not very linear) do you see it as well and what do you feel as a result of this movement?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 292d ago

Expanding a bit on MichaelJelly's point. I have a year of tracking scores now. As I fill them in, I notice how much they fluctuate during the week. I think I have a reasonable understanding of it now.

Looking at your Home page on Pioneer:

You get the basic Ratings from Pioneers and Experts score updated each week after voting is finished. This is a combination of how much people upvoted you and (I think possibly some other secret sauce).

The higher score directly next to your name is the Leaderboard score. That total gets adjusted down each week before voting, by 150 pts. (As Michael pointed out, this downward bit only happens after your first 4 weeks.)

Let's say you review at least 5 pairs in the voting process - that gets you 50 pts back.

If 2 of the people you reviewed picked your comments as being in their top 3 feedback you will get 2x25 = another 50pts back.

To get the entire 100pts back each week from voting, you have to have at least 4 people rate your feedback comments in their top 3. Some people do that rating within a day but I've had mine come in a week later.

If you look at the spread of scores on the leaderboard, those 100pts from feedback covers a lot of the spread in leaderboard scores near the top. So those first couple of days after voting, everybody's relative positions are going up and down as feedback is reviewed. You might very quickly get your 100pts from giving quality feedback but someone else takes another day to build up to their total.

What makes the numbers appear so jittery is that the points for quality feedback are in jumps of 25 at a time, up to the cap of 100 each week.

michaeljelly · 292d ago

If you're still in the first 4 weeks of your Pioneer submissions, there's a bit of weirdness which happens in the ~24 hours between just before the submission deadline and after. This is because the 4 week cap on a bunch of the points you can get (50 points per week up to 4 weeks etc) means everyone else loses points after the submission deadline, except for those who haven't hit the 4-week point cap yet.

After the submission deadline, everyone's week resets, as if they have only acquired 3 weeks of these points, ready for them to get the new week's points from voting & feedback etc.

If you've just joined, and have only got 2 weeks of points so far, this doesn't apply to you so you don't lose any points, while everyone else does. So you shoot up the leaderboard before any votes have even been cast! Then voting etc. happens, and another big reshuffle happens once the voting period os over and you have your rank for the week.

Hope that helps somewhat, it was somewhat confusing for me when we started!

inbalshenfeld · 292d ago

so let's say I'm playing 5 weeks ( and I am) I can't get any more points? it's all down heal for us?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 289d ago

No, read my long point - the points from voting are a rolling series of the last four weeks. You get the 150 pts deducted when voting opens each week, then topped up as you vote. Plus of course your added points from being voted on.

inbalshenfeld · 292d ago

And I'm completely confused as I just received an email that I'm in the top 50, but my number is not there yet :-) · 292d ago

On top of everything Andy said, things really bunch up at the top with only 1 or 2 points separating participants. So as you move up the leaderboard your position will vary more from a small change in points like the 25 you get when your feedback is chosen as a favorite.

inbalshenfeld · 291d ago

do you know this is the methodology? · 291d ago

I'm not sure I follow? If you look at the leader boards players are grouped more tightly at the top so points changes will make a bigger difference in ranking than they will further down. · 292d ago

I've observed a lot of it in the last 3 weeks, plus due to some factor it appears my rank slid down a lot (curious to know whom I was pitched against at the time of voting)

inbalshenfeld · 292d ago

I agree, the information of what and why is really important, and much like in real life, it's unclear :-)

gandalf-016894 · 292d ago

There is a bit of unknown and dice thrown each play (week).
But on average it stabilise around what people percive of the venture you show.

inbalshenfeld · 292d ago

good to see I'm not the only one - tnx!