anyone know newchip accelarator?
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Hi everyone,
I've been selected in newchip accelerator and i want to know your feedback about them. anyone know them?thanks · 10d ago

Don't do Newchip. They are outsiders and they charge too much $$$. · 14d ago

Yes, I was offered a seat with them recently. If you need a detailed feedback, happy to connect over mail :) · 13d ago

Hello commudle. thanks for your feedback.Sure. I'd like to talk to you. please let me know your email. my email is · 14d ago


phaethon-psichis · 15d ago

Let's see what you are asking? You are here at Pioneer and you want to enrol in some other program? Why do you want to do that? What do you need that you can not find it here 10X?
Do you like playing second league? · 14d ago

I as a founder and CEO of my business have to get various feedback from users, founders, experts, mentors to grow my business. currently i'm not committed to any program.If i've been selected and enter the program yes i must commit to that like pioneer or yc or techstars or any other programs. i've not selected into pioneer yet.And yes here is a good program to know other founders feedback, compete, show your progress and also expert and mentor feedback and i like to join any community of founders as much as i can.and i as an experienced founder and friend suggest you to join founders communities and get their feedback as much as you can.

dantop · 15d ago

Yes I've heard about them, I got into their program September last year and they are very promising..
If you have the money I would say you should go for it.. it's worth it. · 14d ago

Can i ask how much did it cost? and can they help you to raise fund?

manojranaweera · 15d ago

How much equity are you giving away?

dantop · 15d ago

You are not giving away equity, that's the reason you'd paying for the program. · 15d ago

Equity free but $4000 fee for 6 months program and they said they guarantee that they bring at least one investment offer and promise to see 30 to 50 investors during program and if they don't do this they give money back.and also in their agreement they said if they bring the investor then they have rights to invest too .

dantop · 15d ago

Yes that's correct

manojranaweera · 15d ago

Just FYI

I run for UK tech startups. We are not an accelerator, incubator or a startup studio. We focus on Product and Sales with Capital coming later this year (hopefully). We don't take equity but charge an annual membership fee.

We also charge for raising investment, but only started working with one company. In 2021, I want to crate a side-car fund to fund a small amount into these companies when we raise investment for them. A lot to achieve for us in 2021. · 15d ago

you charge startups for raising fund for them?? you guarantee?

manojranaweera · 15d ago

No guarantees whatsoever. By the way, I am not pitching for our services. Just shared for information.

jonathanholtby · 15d ago

Never heard of em! Is there a link? · 15d ago this is the link. Equity free but $4000 fee

jonathanholtby · 15d ago

Happy to be outvoted here, but in my opinion pay-to-play accelerators are a bad idea. You want to use the accelerator to signal to your next round of investors that you have gained traction, experience, and learning from your last 6 months of company progress. If you had to pay to get into the program, the investors don't know if you have a good company (and that's why you got in) or you had a terrible company and just paid the fee.

For my money it would be better to just focus on the fundamentals of your business and apply to more prestigious programs.

(that said, I don't know them from a hole in the wall. I would be very happy to be wrong about them) · 15d ago

thanks for sharing your opinion · 15d ago · 15d ago

yes.this is the link. do you know them?