How health impacts you and your productivity? -'s answer/feedback was good that I wanted share with everyone.
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"For health, I think it's important to realize that programming/designing/building efficiency is directly correlated to your health. Often we think that pulling an all-nighter will get us that one notch ahead. But in reality, your efficiency drops as your health does. It's hard to track numerically this effect, so often people work themselves to the point where they topple at breaking point"

manojranaweera · 585d ago

I've decided there is really no point in working after midnight. When I do on a rare occasion, I feel terrible the next day. 12 am to 6 am is sleep time for me.

Pradeep · 585d ago

yes fixing a sleep cycle works better for me as well. But then somehow there are days when you go past that time.