How do you answer "what are working on"?
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Hi everyone, great to be part of the Pioneer tournament!

We all get asked this question a hundred times and I've been working on refining my answer to be as concise as possible eg.

"We're solving loneliness by building an app that makes meeting like-minded people easier and more accessible for everyone".

I'd love to hear your thoughts on:

1. Do you understand what we do?
2. Does it sound interesting?
3. How would you describe what you do in one or two sentences?

Looking forward to hearing about what you all do. · 569d ago

I think it can be shorter. Based on what I see on your landing page maybe something like: 'A social network that uses geography to connect you with new people'.
I don't think it has to sound interesting, it just has to be easy to understand.
Your description also makes me think if you are really 'solving loneliness'. Sounds like a strange value prop. What value are your users really getting from this app that they can't get from Tinder/TikTok/Twitter? · 568d ago

Strong advice. · 570d ago

Follow this -

{company name} is a {software, app, marketplace, etc} that helps {your targeted audience} to {problem} by {solution}

* the key is to be as specific as possible.
Eg: We are a platform is a bad one
We are a marketplace is a better one.

Platform could mean anything, even fb is a platform.
marketplace is more precise.

Trybal.Network · 571d ago

I first had a longer sentence using almost all chars available and several 'buzz-words', basically a pitch headline instead, that was misunderstood by a lot of reviewers. I cut it down to 'Continuing to build a crypto community leveraging the Stellar Network.' I think on-point is better for that section.

'Building an app that makes meeting like-minded people easier." would be on-point for you without sounding like a sales pitch. · 571d ago


AndyDent-Touchgram · 561d ago

I'm like you, I've played with dozens of variations on the theme, from focusing on the what you can do:

Smartphones are about touch. Now, with Touchgram, your messages are too

to the why you would do it:

A way for people to add delight to their and other's lives through interactive messages. · 570d ago

by running away :)

rodneyroskruge · 571d ago


For me, "solving" is what entrepreneurs do. We solve problems, and as a result, we productize the results, take to the marketplace.

My questions would be:

What are you "making"?

How would you fit what you are making into this formula (x + y = z) "I am the uber-for-agri"?

Ryan@TidyWorkspace · 568d ago

From the one-liner you posted here, my guess is that you're building an app that helps you meet like-minded people.

From looking at your website, it makes me think you're building an app to meet people based on location. Along with some event discovery and social media features.

I would suggest making your one-liner even shorter. Something like: "We help you make friends with like-minded people and see what's happening in your area."

The fact that you're building an app is a given. I think you should let the potential user figure out what you solve. If you help them make friends, a lonely person will see that as a solution to their problem. But if they just like to be social and aren't lonely, they'll still find it valuable. The fact that it's based on location is a key difference from the bigger social networks.


As for what I'm working on, I describe it as: "A configurable text editor that helps you research, brainstorm, write, edit, and publish"