What are the most effective landing pages you've seen?
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And why? Anything goes. Everything from enterprise SaaS to social consumer apps.

rishi · 517d ago

https://muzzleapp.com is a classic example.

andrew-miit.co · 516d ago

Yeah Muzzle wins every time.

https://www.calm.com/ is also great. Simple and goes straight to the "why" without any distractions.

rodneyroskruge · 516d ago


I didn't know about Muzzle. I think it would be great (if not already) for the likes of Whatsapp.

Some messages that pop up there, or during a recording can ruin a good moment and relationship.

gabriella · 514d ago

Sendgrid's (http://sendgrid.com/) is good! Demonstrates the different use cases + social proof. It's interesting to compare it to Mailgun (https://www.mailgun.com/).

antoniocao · 513d ago

https://www.figma.com has a really nice one.

amala184 · 513d ago

Not really answering your question, but I thought it was funny that there are some massive companies that have terrible landing pages, that are probably horrible examples for early projects. My guess is because users probably go there knowing about the product and/or have high intent to purchase anyway, e.g.

johnf · 515d ago

https://amplitude.com - more sites need to have demos front-and-center without requiring a click

krishan711 · 516d ago

I came across https://sendfox.com/ today - so clean and simple really grabbed my attention with it's simplicity!

praiseallijohnson · 516d ago

Yeah, it shouts "You need email marketing too", Yes? "Let's do this.
Just perfect.

sacha · 513d ago

love how your cursor defaults to the submission box. clever...

Versoly.com · 512d ago

We made https://saaspages.xyz/, we found the top 100 SaaS companies and divided their landing pages into sections and added tips for each one.

buddy · 513d ago

https://asana.com (I also went to https://www.atlassian.com/ which seemed terrible, but then realized the equivalent is probably https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira, which is definitely better)

gabriel_paunescu · 516d ago
rishi · 513d ago

https://stripe.com/radar is a personal favorite

ctodunster · 504d ago

Found them here https://dorik.io/ . I am in no way associated with them, but I thought to share them coz their templates and designs look good to me.

Old_Pal_Pat · 505d ago

https://basecamp.com is my go to reference. They also just launched https://hey.com another great example. Shows that long copy can be very effective, when written well.

deepmoji.app · 511d ago

I loved the original Stripe landing page, it had copyable curl commands to show just how simple it was to handle payments.


brandon · 510d ago

Nice find!

hunterlarco · 511d ago

https://segment.com is always great!

gabriel_paunescu · 516d ago
stormyapp.com · 487d ago

How did you build your landing page? Which tool you used for building a web page?

gabriel_paunescu · 487d ago

our own Angular9 PWA and our open source design system. check github.com/naologic

vachankonamme · 513d ago

Landing page looks nice, but I have no clue what your product actually does.

gabriel_paunescu · 487d ago

Help business make money by using custom apps: https://naologic.com/business-app/apps