's progress update - January 10th, 2022
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What are you building, in a sentence?

Relive and share life experiences through photos/videos organized across devices & services.

Project website

What are your KPIs?
Number of content items
Goal: 800 by January 31st
Current: 600
Number of media items
Goal: 10,000 by January 31st
Current: 6000
Weekly active users
Goal: 20 by January 31st
Current: 20

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

Fix/refine key features : Group Operations, Content permissions, Media Entity Browser, Content & Media Counters
Media Cluster Recognition Module design discussion
Onboard 5 new beta users
Import 5 albums and 500 photos
Blog post

Updated KPIs & charts; read article at
Fixed Group Operations, Content permissions, Media Entity Browser, Content & Media Counters
Deployed most fixes to LIVE site (few to go)
Other planned actions pushed to this coming week

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

Fix/refine key feature: Group Article permissions in app site
Implement/design Media Cluster Recognition Module in DEV site
Onboard 2 new beta users
Import 5 albums and 500 photos
Separate blog into separate customer and founder blogs
Blog post

What would you like feedback on from the community?

When you celebrate a loved one's major milestone, would you value a product that helped gather stories and media into a LIVE memory book? · 258d ago

Love your landing page. · 258d ago

[Transcribed audio]: great, great, great, great you what you and your team are doing a wonderful yo your KPI and the performance is cool. The landing page is cool, it's ok, it's OK. And then you need to of course more on, you know, see whether you can conduct host an incubator program a kind of accelerator program for basically for new entrepreneurs, new startup, you know, to have access to those knowledge and empower themselves, you know? And again, schoolchildren, school Children to you can try to create a program that can give you know, people free classes to learn where they are learning. They are now upgrade to get more. They cannot be by paying or by subscribing your monthly or annual package. You know, they cannot create again, get more, you know, personalized knowledge going forward using does mine may no contribution will feedback Well done. · 258d ago

Fantastic work I look forward to seeing more of it also please do more research on how to improve your product constantly.

good progress this week,

you have my vote this week!

wishing you the best in your next update.

see you at the Top · 258d ago

LIVE memory book is a wonderful idea. For an emotional person like me, old photos are always heart warming. I think a quick AI generated slideshow or a gif is a nice feature to add with this. Do remember this app can become a very powerful emotional tool for each user. I am interested to know about your pricing model to. I think you should go for yearly subscription model. Wish you all luck. · 258d ago

[Transcribed audio]: great job. I really like your updated KPI charts and the article that you post and I really like the overall UI UX of the website as far as your question, when you celebrated last one from Major Mashtal, would you value a product to help gather stories and media into a live memory book in general? No, but for events like a wedding, Yes, if I was a bright one of the hardest things I know is always gathering all of the pictures and photos and videos and posts from, you know, everywhere to put together for what happened on your wedding day. So I see that as a lot of value. And then also for a bit, I see a bit really like that, you know, like CSS could use it to have all of the social media and photos and things of that nature from there into like a sizzle reel for their product. But overall, great job

UNITE · 258d ago

[Transcribed audio]: it's a very interesting idea. The first thing is that I don't know what a live memory book is. So I think you need to explain what that means. Now you have 20 active users and you have a few 1000 media items so it looks like you have an opportunity to identify your most engaged users. So while it is good to look for more beta users, I think you should be spending a lot of time interviewing your top three or four users and understanding what you need to take out of their experience and generalize. The last thing that I think would be really important is your viral loop. You need to design your viral loop in such a way that if my friend uses your app, it becomes a no brainer for me to join him.

LinkFella · 258d ago

[Transcribed audio]: Oh this is a nice project but I would like to know, I think. Yeah. Well to me I don't probably because I don't have a broader understand our broader knowledge about this project though but I feel facebook, you know people use facebook album, you know the album part of the facebook facebook up to you know store their images and all those things. But if you are trying to bring out, if you are trying to major on that aspect and you know may join its just like it's just a minor on facebook app and you are trying to make join it. I think it's a very good move. You know, facebook up is a compound of so many features so if you are bringing out that future and you know may join on it, I think it is a very good moving in the right direction. So I I commend your work is a very nice project. Yeah. Just just keep updating so that we can know when something that can be also part of it. Thank you. · 258d ago

Create a network effect among the users.
Ensure that people would loose out on something great If they didn't share.
Most of them find it not to share due to privacy issues.
Create a referral effect.
Work more on the landing page copy. · 258d ago

Good progress this week. well done. I feel your pain when talking about the long sordid journey. Worth it though.