Where Do I Even Start (esp as a non-coder)?
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I'm brand new to the entrepreneurial world and am wondering how people started their projects.

I feel vastly under-qualified to start my project but I like the idea a lot and have sat on it for a while. Finally, I decided there was no harm in trying. One of the biggest areas where I lack confidence is that I do not at all know any coding languages or general practices of starting a business. Any tips??

vladyslavdidenko · 554d ago

First of all, you first implementation doesn't have to be code / app and etc
You can start with a landing page with a mockup to test people interest and sign up form

So, now you have easier task :
- make landing page
- mockup
- ask people to signup
- get feedback

Points 1 and 2 can be done in different ways (free, 10$, 100$ or more expensive)

- higher a freelancer and get this all done in under 100$
- make it your self (go to tilda, wix , webflow and get in for 10$ per month)
- for a mockup go to fiverr , get it done for 10$

So, it ends up all about planning your steps and executing sequentially
If you have enough time, you can make it almost free

Though if you stuck on the "do it yourself" learning curve, this puts the whole project at risk as chances to give up along the way are very high!

fusana · 551d ago

Unless you are very young and willing to put a lot of time learning, don't try to be someone you are not. You don't have to code, you can hire a freelancer to code for you on sites like Fiverr for $50 to a few hundred bucks and that will be enough for any demo or MVP you need to gauge investor/user interest. Business is best learned by experience so just dive right in and you will figure things out as you go. Making mistakes is totally ok; just ask for help, search and read for answers, and ALWAYS be open and accepting to criticism and any feedback. Focus on what your unique strengths are. Do you have some amazing insights on the problem you are trying to solve? Are you a people's person? A good leader and story teller? There is value to each of them. Capitalize on whatever your strength is and how it can serve your purpose. For everything else, find partners!

gabriel_paunescu · 552d ago

#1 product of your company is you. That's what you're selling early stage
#2 product is your business model. That has to be novel, simple, fast with simple pricing
#3 product is your team: why you? why them? Why are you the best person ever to solve this problem?
#4 the lines of code

- study your competition: who? why? what?
- landing page: shape your language and narrative
- business model: make some budgets, see how close to reality you are

krcnow · 553d ago

Hey, as a non-coder even before you make a landing page, you can interview potential users about the pain point that you think they have. Ask them how they solve it now and tell them if it can be solved a little differently then would they kill to buy it or even just use it. If they say yes they would then ask them that would they still buy it if it's priced at X, Y and Z? Ask enough users to make it statistically significant and then you have a solution if they answered that they would kill to buy at price X, maybe at price Y and no way at Z. I would also suggest you to timebox the effort.

ML · 554d ago

You could start learning how to code. It's a very useful skill. You don't have to be an expert, but it will make hiring coders, gauging timelines, and contributing to the product easier.

deploynets.ai · 554d ago

Definitely head over to startupschool.org, one of the best source of information on the entrepreneurial world.

This next bit kinda of depends on the time you have. If you have some time, I would advice you to learn to code. Not to build everything yourself, but if you're not technical you'll have to speak and work with a technical person. And when that happens, knowing a bit about how to code will help you evaluate this person and better communicate with her, which is crucial.

andrew-miit.co · 554d ago

Hi Tatiana! I'm non-technical so I know where you're coming from and how you might be feeling. Back yourself and your vision and talk to as many people about it as you can. As others have said there's lots of no-code products you can start with and other ways you can validate your idea. I spent the first year and a half working things out on my own but have since built a team of six including four engineers and have launched our product so feel free to reach out with any specific questions and I'd love to try and help.

team@yomi.ai · 554d ago

You have the gift of not knowing what's "impossible".

GrowthChannel.io · 541d ago

Also a non-coder (although do have entrepreneurial background). You ca get a prototype up & running, even generating revenue without a real need for coding. This way you can get a feeling of the market & test your idea LIVE. You can also go hunt for technical co-founders, but that in my experience is a real tough thing to do ))

snowguru · 551d ago

Check zeroqode

Chris_Wray · 554d ago

If you have the time, I would learn to code. It is worth the effort! Also, if you go the no code route, don't believe the lies it will tell you: https://www.solmediaco.com/blog/dont-believe-the-no-code-lie

cjb · 554d ago

Sometimes it helps to see how someone did it to contextualize it in your head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W5Jaip5_-g

good luck, you got this more than you think! - carmina

oropocket.com · 554d ago


I can understand it can be challenging, but trust me you don't need to know how to code in order to create a multi-million dollar product.

Please check out Makerpad.co they have a no-code driven community.

There are 100s of tools and services that enable you to start/launch your product without having to learn to code.

For example, using glideapps.com you can create a mobile application by adding data to a Google sheet.

With carrd.co you can deploy a landing page instantly.

I think it is more important to know how to sell than how to code. You can always hire a freelancer on upwork.com to build your vision. :)

Stay strong, there's nothing that you cannot do. We're all with you!

spencerbolanos · 554d ago

Lots of no-code tooling to get you started these days. Look into WebFlow or Bubble.io if you need a website. That'll get you 80% there.