What is the best way to build a community in app?
Shared by akshaysoni · 552d ago · 3 comments

What do you think are a few good ways to build an in-app community feature? What do you think about using something like tribe.so?
Any recommendation?

cjb · 552d ago

also thinking this through. currently our community engagement is on discord and reddit but notice that we miss a lot of opportunity on the web/app. what type of engagement are you guys looking for? - carmina

akshaysoni · 552d ago

In our case we are targetting parents, an FB private group seems to be one alternative for that audience

braddwyer · 552d ago

My last company (social game) had a ton of success with a Facebook Group.

We gated it to paying subscribers only and it actually drove lots of people to keep paying every month even after they weren't playing the game anymore just because they didn't want to lose access to the "Premium Member Lounge" and all their friends (+ the inevitable drama you get from putting hundreds of ladies in a FB group together).

Your mileage may vary though; the demographic was women over 60 and so FB is still their jam.