Question about building a landing page
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Hey guys, so I am building a landing page for my project and have a question. I am building a content creation platform for users to publish their content, build an audience and monetize.

Because we wanted to keep the MVP lean we decided that we would start with allowing only text content to be published but eventually we want to allow videos, podcasts, music and other forms of content.

So on the landing page, should I just focus on text content (blog posts, ebooks etc) or should I just highlight the overall vision of the platform.

Appreciate any advise/suggestions on this topic.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 629d ago

Speaking as someone who's struggled to define a focused user-base here. Who are your users going to publish on this platform?

I'm pushing you to answer this now because:

1) There are a lot of publishing options out there now, some of which tantalise with the offer of payment (disclosure, I earn $0.67 to $2.33 a month from Medium).

2) If you want to stand out, you need to either have an amazing feature that's surprisingly hard to copy, or a well-defined community you somehow own or some other edge. Maybe it's about country, demographics, something special.

The point is that the user base should define what you need. There's no point putting a ton of effort into a text-heavy platform if your users are photo-oriented.

vim · 629d ago

Hey you raise some really good and valid points. The way we are approaching this is our user is the person who writes / published content.

We are going to focus on providing the tools for those users to build an audience and monetize it directly instead of having to go through an intermediary like medium does.

I was a medium writer making $10-15 a month so I feel the pain of writers and my goal is to build a better platform for them. Because if you look at mediums home page, they treat the reader as their user and not the writer. I intend to flip that in a number of ways.

I'd love to chat with you more about it if you're interested :)

AndyDent-Touchgram · 628d ago

I really recommend

monetize it directly instead of having to go through an intermediary like medium

I have no idea what you mean by that. You're going to be a medium-like intermediary.

Do you mean something different to Medium in terms of how payments are set? If so, be more explicit in what you say, like authors set their own prices (which is how Substack works - they just take 10%).

vim · 628d ago

Yes, our monetization model will be exactly like substack and not medium. But our platform will have discovery and recommendations like medium.

weaver · 629d ago

To answer this question, you should consider: who is the audience for your landing page?

If you're planning on using your landing page to communicate your vision (e.g., to investors), you might want to focus on the overall vision, highlighting multiple forms of content.

If you're planning on using your landing page to convert users, you will probably want to stay as close to your actual implementation as possible, so as not to mislead your users.

These are just two examples - ultimately the most important thing is defining your audience and designing your landing page around that.

vim · 629d ago

Thanks for the insights, I think I'll stick to our MVP vision because the main purpose of the landing page is to attract beta users.

logikblok · 629d ago

Pros and cons to either side but it's probably better to have a really good experience with your written text content before the overall vision. The danger of going vision route is users might join expecting X but only can do Y, they leave and never come back. If you start core, build that user base they can support with your future iterations and even help land further users possibly.

All the best

vim · 629d ago

That's extremely helpful. I think I will focus on text content because we want to attract beta users right now and it is always good practice to under-promise and over deliver. Thanks for your insights.

Thomas · 608d ago

If you want to concentrate on text, Notion is the best.
But, If I were you, I would choose a website since it's very easy to make and you can show your thoughts about your product with images and texts these days.

manojranaweera · 628d ago

Love the top half of the home page.

rishi · 629d ago

A short gif or autoplaying demo video would be great, especially now when there isn't a product to try. Screenshot works too if all you have are designs right now.