Some Creators of Educative tools Here?
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Hi Everybody,

Currently, I'm building an educational website for college students, I want to host tools and resources that the students can use and be useful for them, I have a small community of college students currently interested in the idea.

I would like to know if somebody here is developing educative tools for students, I would like to chat with you about the program, software, app, or whatever educative tool that you are developing, I'm interested in collecting the best tools for offering to the students and help you too to gain users to your tool.


ZESHAMA · 26d ago

We are building AI based Automatic question(quiz) generator for students and teachers. · 25d ago

Very cool, I nearly started to work on a very similar idea. Curious to see where you'll end up (and rooting for you). Feel free to sign me up if you have a newsletter or something similar: pierreouannes[at]gmail[dot]com

ZESHAMA · 25d ago

Thanks, I will sign you up. How is the project going? · 24d ago

Thanks! Which project do you mean? If it's the one mentioned above I never ended up doing it, it was between this and the one I'm doing right now :)

acal96 · 25d ago

Hey, hi, it sounds really interesting, I like, do you have current users? or an email to contact you?.

ZESHAMA · 25d ago

You can shoot me an email at
What's your website?

acal96 · 25d ago

I have sent it in the email.

manojranaweera · 25d ago

Are these University Students?

acal96 · 25d ago