How do they prevent saturation on this platform?
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Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to this and it seems like a really cool idea. I was just wondering what they would do if the platform became saturated with a lot of people. Wouldn't it just become a competition of who can be the best student/follow the rules the best to earn the most points? Again I'm just now learning about it so perhaps there's something I've missed. Anyways, always open to a discussion :)

JayLewis · 295d ago

Hey Nathan! More players the better, I think.

Fortunately, there aren't many rules in the typical sense. There appear to be just two: submit updates weekly and demonstrate great progress. Judging from the leaderboard, the two seem to work fairly well. The quality at the top is high.

nathankoo · 294d ago

Hey Jay! Thanks for the reply and explanation. That definitely makes sense, some people are 'better students' than others right now so they're climbing to the top. Do you know what would happen when let's say everyone becomes a 'good student' and does everything right? How do they differentiate groups then?

On a side note, I'm definitely for bringing in more groups because I think it makes the community stronger. Also I would always support more people having access to a great resource. Just wondering how this algorithm/program works haha

JayLewis · 292d ago

Good q. If everyone hypothetically "becomes a good student" (meaning they submit weekly updates that are impressive), that doesn't change the key fact of the leaderboard, which is that it's based on 1 v 1 voting. So regardless of if everyone is a good student, you're forced to make decisions each week about which students are making more impressive progress than others. Those forced 1 v 1 decisions you make drive the leaderboard standings. I think they use the Elo rating system, if you want to read more up on it:

I generally hesitate at the student metaphor fyi, since the whole thing is subjective and community-driven. There is no standard rubric or test. Just: build an impressive product/company.

How have you found the Tournament so far?

nathankoo · 292d ago

Ah I see, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for explaining!

The Tournament's been great so far, I really like the option to give honest feedback to the peers in this community. I wish there was a way to connect with people on a more personal note, but I guess that's what the community calls are for. How about you?

JayLewis · 292d ago

Nice. Yeah, have done the calls a few times. Nice to put faces to names and have an actual conversation.

I like it here :) For me, it's primarily a tool for accountability. Just helps to be telling people what I'm doing and to be held accountable. To an extent getting "graded" weekly.

nathankoo · 292d ago

Yeah definitely! I'll try to join the next call this coming Thursday. If you'd like, send me an invitation on LinkedIn:

I'd love to set some time up to chat and get to know more about what you're working on!

jerico · 292d ago

In the beginning, you do a few challenges for baseline points (e.g. fill out your application) -- from that point on, all of the points you receive are based on comparative progress with others in the Tournament. More people = more people to compare against && higher challenge of separating yourself from the pack.

Klog · 295d ago

Key to the point system is peer review, per JayLewis' answer. More people = more competition, that's all.