Hardware gap in Pioneered projects
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We have noticed recently a pattern in projects on the pioneer tournament which become pioneered. Notably, most projects are in the AI field or are a SAAS. There are little to no projects the have pioneer status which are not heavily concentrated in these fields, not to mention hardware.

Has anyone got any opinions on this? It is especially harder to make progress as a hardware project, with higher R&D expenses and compromised supply chains, with COVID-19. Is it perhaps an inherent inclination in what the Pioneer team are interested in, rather than the quality of the projects in the tournament? If so, are we competing against the tournament rules, or to fit the Pioneer team's ideal product/service?

Would love to hear anyone else's opinions/ideas on this :)

Edit:: to clarify we are not on about our project, but all projects in the tournament.

The question really is:
if you are a project who has climbed the leaderboard and given consistent reports and feedback, but are not in AI or SAAS, do you have a real chance of being pioneered at all?

Sal · 6d ago

Your Mirr tech is cool as hell. Think I saw something recently that was a smart mirror with workout exercises built in. What is your main (specific) use case? People getting ready who want to keep watching videos (I make this assumption based on the demo)?

Regardless of precedence in the Tournament, if you're making something that people are using, then you have a good chance of being "Pioneered". And if they don't Pioneer you, then someone else will. How are usage and revenue?

gandalf-016894 · 10d ago

Of course hardware is always problematic because 1) you financethe first production, 2) if there is a bug you can not just correct it you are screwed.

Hence success of some hardware project on kickstarter for this reason :
You get crowd-funded your first production by a pre-sale to entousiaste buyers... who take all the risk.

gandalf-016894 · 10d ago

As for you product, I must say I believe in the last five years I have seen at least three projects like miir ( mix of screen with tablet like).
Never heard of them after.

I kind of feel skeptical of the real utility of a miror-tablet.

I mean I can eat or do easy stufs while listening radio ok.

But the screen needs to much attention.

My point of view.
But if I am skeptical, others might be too, and may be also the ones running Pionner : they kind of decide who get pioneered at the end.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 10d ago

Pioneer provide almost no bar on entry so I don't think it reflects what the team are interested in. Does the ratio at the top match the ratio at the bottom (at least as far as you can see of the bottom of the 30 in each region?).

Climbing the leaderboard is based almost solely on your review scores & how much effort you put into reviewing others.

Happy to coach any hardware startups who want tips on how to improve what they report - I've written quite a lot about it on Frontier already.

Look at it this way - if you cannot communicate what your hardware startup is about and how you are meeting small challenges and making progress, you are not investible. Pioneer's review cycle by peers is an excellent, continuous test of your communication skills.

I'm not doing hardware but I'm doing some technically complex software, compared to many startups here, by myself. As a result it's been months since my last store version but I've risen steadily in the rankings, because of the effort I put in as above - communicating ideas, progress and giving feedback.

mirr.tech · 10d ago

Thanks for the input! It is not necessarily a lack in a variety of projects climbing the leaderboards. We can only see top 30 in all categories as we currently rank #10 globally and #4 in Europe. There are various project categories that have made it into the top 30, apart from SAAS and AI, like healthcare, hardware and fintech. There just seems to be a lack of teams that are granted pioneer status outside of AI and SAAS.

The problem lies within the difference between the types of projects that have climbed the leaderboard (because of their high quality, which we all see in people's reports) and the types of projects that get pioneered.

This begs the question, if you are a project who has climbed the leaderboard and given consistent reports and feedback, but are not in AI or SAAS, do you have a real chance of being pioneered at all?

gandalf-016894 · 10d ago

Your thoughts are quite true. I recall this week's number 2 project brain spray. I have seen in in the top 20 for perhaps nine months or more....And he got pionnered only last week I believe.

joyce · 9d ago

Adding in Remora Robotics (https://www.remorarobotics.com/) and Autobon AI (https://autobon.ai/)!

mirr.tech · 8d ago

Which both heavily involve AI