Shared by dennisweishaar · 26d ago · 6 comments

I see lots of seeding rounds and companies generally receiving funding from investors, very young companies as well. How to go about it? I'm aware that there's a possibility here on this platform, but it seems to be very slim.

rickyshepherd · 4d ago

Most young companies you see getting early funding. Have a successful team (previously sold they're other startup or where acquired). The investors that are backing them, are betting on them doing it again. It's not uncommon for first time founders to do it, but without traction or a successful team its rare

beyondappearance · 25d ago

I think you should include something that helps sell NFTs

dennisweishaar · 25d ago

That's a great idea and we already have that in mind. Not only something that helps selling NFTs, but also more community features for artists, such as feedback and suggestions from other artists, showcasing creations and so on.