What's your origin story? I wrote ours today :)
Shared by chrispattison · 17d ago · 3 comments

I read an article the other day about story telling, and decided it would be fun to write a short post on Indiehackers about Squeaky's origin story.

Would love to hear from other founders what made them decide to commit to their idea :)

woutdispa · 17d ago

We have the same approach, you guys are further down the line but when you write that "You’re [sic - it's YOUR, not YOU'RE -] feedback will help shape what Squeaky becomes, and …we’ve kept it free! Right now feedback is worth more to us than money, and we also plan to have a full-featured free tier even when we add billing." that's exactly what we're planning to do, there will always be a free tier of BUNKAI, now and forever :)

PS, this might be a coincidence but I definitely want to see what you're all about so I'm gonna fill in that contact form :)

chrispattison · 17d ago

Thanks, nice catch on the typo, I've fixed it now! Also, don't use the contact form, it's actually broken haha (fixing it some point today/tomorrow). You can email hello@squeaky.ai directly, or sign up and try the app!

woutdispa · 17d ago

Darn! Here I go asking for a demo via the website and you tell me now XD
You have a typo in the form too - it says "telephoe" in the dropdown. I'll email you right now.