Can scores decrease?
Shared by rishikowlessar · 14d ago · 14 comments

I notice my scores decrease over night, was wondering if thats normal, I mean i have been doing everything on point. So i'm a bit confused, anyone else experience this?

felipelecot · 14d ago

Hey! Yeah, some scores have a limit, or only count for the last couple of weeks.
For example, "Feedback to other players" only counts for the last 4 weeks, so if you got 100 points 5 weeks ago, they would disappear.

rishikowlessar · 14d ago

something i didn't know, thanks for sharing this with me. So what are the scores with limits and when do they disappear? · 13d ago

It's a bummer when you reach the maximums of the scores for the reviews etc, this big drop happened to me overnight as well, 13 positions! What a kick in the groin after putting in so much work LOL.

rishikowlessar · 13d ago

hahahahahh exactly so, so i felt the same pain as did you lol, in the groin i meant lol, but never the less, we gotta keep going right, despite out struggles. · 13d ago

I gave a bunch of critical feedback yesterday, marked 3 of 20 updates as low effort, and got 2 downvotes - so being honest seems to have hurt a little as well.

rishikowlessar · 13d ago

its all about competition here, I am balanced with my views, i give lots of advice and guidance, and i commend founders for their hard work and effort, and i also give feedback on all 20 founders each week....yes it does hurt sometimes, because to sit behind a computer and do this every week takes a lot of time, energy and patience......

jenselvaggia · 14d ago

Yes @felipelecot nailed it. Keeping progress up and maintaining are a weekly challenge and a cumulative challenge. I screenshot my score breakdown each week to review changes and assess where I need to invest more time or energy.
It took me 3 weeks to get a full perspective.

rishikowlessar · 14d ago

i am keeping a breakdown, but this is the first time I've experienced a decrease. Where would you suggest i invest my time and energy to keep my scores going up? I mean, i am been doing everything i believe is necessary including my response to 20 players each week.

jenselvaggia · 13d ago

I’m where you are, maxed out on a ton of scores so just focusing on KPIs and growth in those areas is supposed to cumulatively increase scores.

Longevity is going to have to be the key, I can see that which can be discouraging but it’s part of the process.

Those of us who support each other, use the tools to improve and grow a business and have a healthy sense of competition will win either way—by being selected or benefitting from the camaraderie and growing our businesses.

The rest is the journey of entrepreneurship, don’t let it get you down.

DamilolaTobiAdetayo · 10d ago

I am new here and I believe that this is a community to uplift one another to become a better version of humanity.

rishikowlessar · 9d ago

I absolutely agree with you, I have never once discouraged anyone from their vision. I genuinely believe that every project has potential and a market, some might have a larger market share as compared to others, but regardless, there is a market. I had shared my view once that maybe we might have a skill or some kind of knowledge or experience that might be useful to someone who's project we might be reviewing. As someone qualified in marketing and management, i tend to give my advise and guidance on ALL projects freely, whilst recognizing the efforts of Founders. Sometimes i can feel the stress or when someone seem somewhat discouraged, and i take it upon myself to give hope that all isnt lost, with persistence, and focus they can achieve anything. Sometimes Founders just need a little push with words of encouragement, Founders need to know that their project has potential and perhaps some guidance on what possible directions they can take. Its all about humanity indeed.

MNM · 11d ago

Hi! I'm not really keeping track of the scores so much... I think if you have a good idea for a company that the Pioneer Team wants to invest in or help you to promote - they will offer; and of course, after seeing that you are capable of doing the weekly KPIs consecutively and giving helpful feedback to your mates.

rishikowlessar · 11d ago

heyyy hi I do hope you are well. I agree with you totally, I guess only time will tell. I am doing the best i could nevertheless, and I do try to be balanced in my feedback to others no matter what the outcome may be. Congrats on making the top 50 btw you certainly deserve it.

MNM · 11d ago

Thanks SO MUCH! Love to be on here connecting, reflecting & building together! Try not to look at it as a competition. Stay true to you and do your BEST! The only person I am in competition with is MYSELF! And striving to be better everyday!