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Project description:

A Coding Platform that let's you Visualize your data structures as you write code


The demo shows a linkedlist reversal problem where the links of the given linkedlist updates based on the code written in the editor

Team members:
Karthik Kalyanaraman

Git repo:

justinwei · 854d ago

No way! Been thinking about similar code-execution visualization ideas for awhile. Super cool to see it being done! Think it has great applications in teaching/education, especially for more visual learners :-)

josefran · 854d ago

I would have loved to have something like this when I was studying algorithims!

gabrielenvienta · 854d ago

as a new coder, this seems fun for me... Keep working on it!

imbue · 854d ago

Would be helpful for me & others like me because I come from a non- technical background.

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michalsmialko · 854d ago

Yup, it's hard to make such software for advanced data models. But it's definitely a good thing for new-learners.

mynameisJura · 854d ago

Here is a big room to improve a way we write software. Nice to see you're working in this space

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ender-004958 · 854d ago

this is great for high school students!

deliverator-487026 · 854d ago

That's actually a big problem I've faced and I love this solution!

Fernando · 853d ago

This is really great!
Especially when improving your code