TabPlace: changing location at home
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Problem: In the current situation physical separation between work and leisure has become difficult. Many of us sleep, eat, work and play under the same roof. This situation can be mentally challenging, thereby limiting productivity and wellbeing.

Solution: TabPlace is a chrome extension that reminds the user at each new tab which place they are in: whether at work, home or elsewhere. Our hope is that this small but persistent change will improve users' felt work/home separation, improving both productivity and wellbeing.

ender-004958 · 647d ago

this is quite helpful!

bilbo-baggins-720839 · 647d ago

Very helpful

Brickenator · 647d ago

I like the idea guys!

nell-182215 · 647d ago

Nice work!

mrImran · 647d ago

Sounds pretty cool , all the best

nell-182215 · 647d ago

Interesting concept. Any updates so far? Would love to see how it looks

nell-077457 · 647d ago

Thanks for your interest. The first prototype will be published soon, stay tuned!

worldwidekatie · 647d ago

This is a really great idea!