New Pioneer voting layout
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Just noticed the new layout when voting for Pioneer projects this week, definitely a great improvement. Previously I was writing my feedback in a Google Doc and copy pasting back and forth so I could better see the updates. The new layout definitely helps a lot with efficiency.

What did you think?

krcnow · 39d ago

Definitely makes it easier to write down thoughts before moving ahead. Earlier I used to click back and check what was the feedback wanted. This looks more orderly.

cilliancollins · 38d ago

Yeah, I love the new feature. Definitely makes things faster. I think if they made it possible to view both applications in a single screen, it'd be even better. It's difficult to compete who's project made more progress this week when you have to keep swapping and changing between the two.

fernandocordeiro · 39d ago

Only thing it needs now are more allowed characters. I keep running out of space!

jackoregankenny · 39d ago

Really like it, Such an improvement. I write feedback in a call with my co-founder and submit it, the new layout makes it easier to screenshare it.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 39d ago

I save all my feedback along with a simplified version of the original posting, in Evernote. It's made it very easy to compare (on another screen) and also to look back and see what people were doing if I reviewed them previously. However, I agree, the new format does help a lot as you're going.

manojranaweera · 39d ago

Love the new layout. Wish I had time to review all 10.

ptmn · 39d ago

Is there is anyway that everything could fit into one page? So much mental power for jumping between pages.

Chris · 39d ago

yeah definitely a good improvement. I spoke to Rishi before and suggested having them both side-by-side as two columns too, that would shorten the journey even further.

Agreed it's much better. Previously I had each startup on a separate monitor (one for the update and one for the website) and then voting in a third.