We're no longer accepting new questions for Tuesday's event. Stay tuned for the next one.
[1/12 12pm PST] Live Project Feedback with Daniel Gross
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We're hosting another player feedback session! Our founder Daniel will publicly answer questions and give feedback to projects in the Pioneer Tournament.

Post your questions below by Sunday 1/10! We'll select 10 or so to cover during the event. Questions can be general (e.g. What are the most important qualities in a first hire? When should you worry about competitors?) or specific to your project (e.g. Should I be thinking about monetization? Do I have the right KPIs?). No need to describe your project—we have access to your project description & progress updates.

Check out the last one here.

inbalshenfeld · 499d ago

Hi Daniel, Rishi, and team,
I would love feedback on our app. if we want to do this, we need to get an email to give you access.
I can create a mockup email as well.
www.nicknack.app is our landing page - it's not that interesting. the app is where things happen.

tosh · 499d ago

Hi Daniel,

I'm building Apple Silicon Games (https://applesilicongames.com)

It shows which games are playable on the new Apple Silicon Macs and also how well they run including detailed reports w/ FPS, videos, settings used, hardware specs and so on

It helps people who care about their favourite games to decide which Mac to go for and connect with other gamers on our discord. In the last few days it also became a place for game devs to hang out and get access to early adopters and beta testers.

My question to you: if you take a very ambitious point of view, what can this become in the next 5-10 years?

cheers & have a great transition into the new year

a recent thread on hn: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25342385

launch on product hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/apple-silicon-games

kumar_abhirup · 497d ago

Hi Daniel!

I am Kumar Abhirup, building propagate.at, the Substack For SMS.

I listened to your last feedback and revamped the landing page completely.


Question: How's the copywriting like? Does it convey the message clearly? Also, I am using fake tweet image of a person that doesn't exist yet, to convey the idea, is that fine?

elias@guineapig.app · 499d ago

Hi Daniel, Rishi, and team,
We'd love some feedback on our website: https://guineapig.app
- Do you understand what we do?
- How would you pitch us back to us or improve on our website and messaging?

honzasvasek · 499d ago

very nice initiative!!!

cregox@ahoxus.org · 499d ago

how could we manage to eat grass?

tab-trader.com · 495d ago

What is a good diet in your opinion?

srikanthadirala · 496d ago

Hi Daniel,
is it the right time to build a social platform (community) considering all the bad things happening around social platforms?

I am not interested in building another facebook, etc but I want to help students in choosing career options and learning skills, It only happens when multiple people come out and share their learnings/mistakes or teach skills hence a socially connected platform is required for me. pls guide me


henrycannon · 496d ago

After honing in our Twitter strategy last month, news of our beta was spread around quickly enough to get us a few hundred users in just a few hours. Should we continue with this strategy and potentially go viral on a larger scale while we're still in beta? Or, should we wait until we have a set launch date that we can plan for and build hype around? Which approach do you think would be best for building early momentum?

michaeljelly · 496d ago

Hey Daniel, Rishi and team! We took your advice and made the fact that you pay for Ethi into a feature (and removed chevrons).

We had a great launch on Product Hunt, now we want to keep up momentum. Any tips on how to maintain user-acquisition momentum and keep accelerating?

We're improving the product loads, and building a referral system, trying to figure out what the bridge between "Product Hunt launch" and "full-on marketing capability" is for user acquisition. Would also love landing page feedback!

Site: https://www.ethi.me

neo · 496d ago

Hi Daniel, Rishi and Pioneer Team! Happy New Year!

We would love some feedback/advice on:
1. Any marketing strategies to test our market hypothesis for social media platforms. We are using TikTok for niche food videos and Discord for organic local community engagement and also app feedback later down the line.
2. About section on our landing page for idea.

Thank you!

peterchau · 496d ago

Hey Daniel and the Pioneer team,

What do you think of my product’s pitch for investors? For users? Is it clear and concise?

Also, how can I succeed here and in join an accelerator?

yotastamou · 496d ago

"Today no easy way exists to commission new music work or get access to exclusive unreleased music. Unitebdits, a web marketplace, helps ambitious music artists launch an online workspace, get new music work, and get paid." This is what we do.
We'd love your feedback.

sunny500 · 496d ago

I have been given a shareable link where I can raises fund to support my project particially in terms of electricity and data subscription is there any platform where I can share the link on pioneer,more overover the link is partnering with stripe also stripe just bought a Nigerian fintech company called paystack in which the CEO of paystack was on pioneer event sometimes last year.

clubavatar.app · 497d ago

Hello Pioneer team! Can you check out our mobile app for creative developers?

madhukarprabhakara · 497d ago

Hi Daniel,

I would love to get feedback on the web app, Humane .
Feedback on the following would be great.
1. The landing page
2. The concept


jenil_thakker · 498d ago

Hi Daniel,
About us: I'm building Coinvise (https://coinvise.co) -- A platform for creators and communities to mint and issue their own virtually branded cryptocurrencies (also referred to as "social money" or "social tokens")

Some context: We launched our public beta on 1st Jan on https://app.coinvise.co -- https://bit.ly/3hYZCPK

Question: Given that some of our users may not be familiar to using crypto, what do you think of our app and website in terms of usability and getting the message across to people who are new to crypto?

eventloop.app · 498d ago


EventLoop's mission is to make remote events easier to create, more fun to attend, and more useful for every type of user, both at the event and beyond.

We'd like your first-take impressions and general feedback on the marketing site https://eventloop.app and also address the following questions:

1. Is our marketing communication sufficiently clear? If not, what are your suggestions for improvements?
2. Are you drawn to, or curious, about this app in any way? If so, what are the key aspects that intrigue you?
3. Do we appear to be sufficiently differentiated from the sea of competition in the online events space? What areas stand out to you? What concerns you?
4. We are likely going to replace the hero carousel with this 2-minute demo, so take a look at that if you have time. General feedback on the demo + thoughts on replacing the carousel with the video are appreciated. https://twitter.com/EventLoopHQ/status/1342728099423801344


Benjamin Dunphy
Co-founder & CEO

manojranaweera · 499d ago

I've declined all these invites. I know what's wrong with https://skilledup.life. In my head, no point asking for more feedback until I sort out the issues. Every week, I have to find something interesting to ask when completing the progress updates. And the feedback I get from all of you is amazing. Thank you.


1. Fix the issues I know
2. Fix the issues raised by you all
3. Maybe then accept an invite.

honzasvasek · 499d ago

Hi Daniel, I am interested in your ideas about

1. how to finance an opensource / free software endeavor
2. how to find team-mates for such a project
3. (: how to persuade Google to give me free 'unlimited' WaveNet Voice access ;)

thanks for catching me in your universe with https://dcgross.com/a-new-google
so far it has been a lot of fun and encouragement, I'll stick around for a while...

eladshenfeld · 499d ago

Amazing app!!!! Loved it.

SuperTeam · 499d ago

I would love feedback on CryptoSearch. It's a search engine for cryptoassets, available here:
- https://cryptosearch.info/

As of now, it's based on the research I've completed on over 4,100 projects in the cryptoasset industry. Projects are included from all levels of the crypto technical stack, including hardware, blockchains, commodities, tokens & contracts, and web3-enabled apps. Furthermore, they're segmented by over 70 industry sectors and even more blockchain ecosystems.

I've received some great feedback by product managers in the crypto space and some local entrepreneurs. One of them I met this week on Pioneer; he's already created a feature request and is the first member of our Discord. But we just deployed last week and we're not really sure if we're onto something yet.

Based on the fact that Stellar Lumens used to be part of the Pioneer offer, it's clear you guys are fan of crypto-based projects. Discovery is incredibly important for the adoption of products and services in an emerging industry and we feel Daniel's feedback could be helpful for us to move in a positive direction.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

SuperTeam · 499d ago

By the way, we make frequent deployments. If you decided to try CryptoSearch but see a white screen, don't forget to clear your browser cache before reaching out. Thanks!

fcomplexity.com · 499d ago

hey, would love feedback on https://fcomplexity.com.

Particularly, the code execution platform and what to focus on building next. It will require you to register, you can register beforehand. But if not, I have created a test profile for you guys, don't want to share the credentials in public, let me know where you want me to share them.

123xyz · 499d ago

Hey, Daniel. I really love your mission of helping "lost Einsteins" with the Pioneer.App, but I feel like the startup / entrepreneur path is, while workable for yet another "App" development, is far from enabling someone to start another "Manhattan Project". If I'm interested in military-grade funding for "Manhattan-Project"-level endeavors, where should I look?

Don't get me wrong, the process of periodic goal-setting and progress sharing is workable to projects of any size and complexity, so your system should be good for projects of all kinds, it's just that those moonshot projects are rare.

So, it would be great to split up into groups. Can we have a category in profiles "[ ] My Project is A Moonshot", so that we could group up with people of similar level of ambition. For someone who is after a moonshot, talking with ordinary enterpreneurs may less fun. It's like, you're trying to achieve something of TCP/IP level, and the rest are talking API calls to SaaS services.

Matthew_Brooks · 499d ago

- Does my landing page show enough value to try the free trial?
- What is the best way to reach out to smallish startups that may be willing to try my Slack app? LinkedIn?
- Would Pioneer be willing to test out my Slack app internally?

basanth · 499d ago

We're a marketplace that's starting out: Customers order directly from their nearest store for free same-day delivery or pickup (like postmates/doordash/instakart but the stores deliver it themselves). This is a new product for our user base, especially for the stores/shops. We're focusing on one zipcode (where i stay) with a couple of shops who are very much willing to use the app. In terms of reaching out to customers: We're asking the shopkeepers to share their shop link to their customers which will make them download the app so that they can place the order, We're also going to share flyers to a newspaper delivery agency who will insert the flyers in newspaper that will be distributed in the zipcode I stay in. Would you suggest any other way we could maximize our reach to everyone in my zipcode? The other way I can think of is going door to door and hand the flyers out (but that's more of a brute force way and it's hard to scale).

(Also please review our landing page! https://shopeg.in Thank you!)

erikdunteman · 499d ago

How do you think about the following tradeoff:
1) Grow at all costs, even if unit econ is bad
2) Don't grow untill you fix unit econ
Context: I serve ML models on GPUS at scale. Currently the unit econ is terrible; It's solvable via engineering.

Eric_Roseman · 499d ago

Hey Daniel, we're thinking about a reskin of our design so its less cartoony and more reminiscent of calm.com with real landscapes and calming ideals. How do you feel about consumer products that characterize like Headspace / Jour vs. more of real world imaging? Do you think it changes the outcome for consumer behavior?