Remote learning bot for poor regions
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I went to my parents village because of COVID. And remote learning will start next week here. Teachers have a huge problem with it because a lot of students don't have PC. Instead they have cheap smartphone with not very good Internet connection.

The only way teacher can organize remote learning process is using messengers. Teachers will send assignments, students will do them in notebooks, take photos and send to teachers. So next week teachers will have absolute mess in their apps with hundreds of unread messages. Moreover there is no way to correct mistakes and make notes on student's photos.

I want to create Telegram or WhatsApp bot for managing assignments and also simple web interface for teachers where they will be able check them, correcting mistakes and making notes right on students photos.

I need JS developer for creating web interface and someone who is familiar with Whatsapp bots.

@Ivan Makeev in Slack · 853d ago

well work!

ron-703125 · 854d ago

Great!! Hope this development would not stop here

deliverator-140970 · 854d ago

Great idea! Needed for a lot of regions around the developing countries! I come Central Asia and can definitely see this problem · 854d ago

This is such a huge problem to tackle - perhaps WiFi lite sites or SMS-based assignments might be a possible area to look into.

ender-004958 · 854d ago

this will be useful for many students! Keep up the good work!

macket · 854d ago

I worked alone

Git repo

The prototype done but I couldn't absolutely solve last proble: sending photos with remarks to Telegram. It works very unstable.

bilbo-baggins-720839 · 854d ago

Carry on this. Awesome Idea

ramji · 854d ago

The motive behind the work is really cool... Appreciate that!!!

macket · 854d ago

This is old demo have a trouble with new demo because of Telegram blocking in Russia.

macket · 854d ago

Started bot on localhost
Figured out how to upload and download photos to and from Telegram
Working on drawing on photos in web interface