Launching this week. Any tips/advice
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Please take a look at our website and tell me me what you think about Denigma.

We're officially launching this week at $5/ month

rorynewman · 21d ago

Amazing!! and GL with Launching. I'm going to reach out via email to connect. I'm new to coding and would love some advice, if you're open to offering some tips.

vanessaonugebu · 20d ago

Would definitely love to. You can reach out to the email provided on our website or

suhail · 21d ago

Hey, nice work! Dark text "Understand unfamiliar programming constructs" on a dark bg is not a good idea - it's barely readable. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

vanessaonugebu · 21d ago

Will do. Nice eye, can't believe I missed that, will change it · 22d ago

Congrats! Number one thing I'd recommend and telling people here how to support your launch if possible:
1. I just followed you on twitter
2. I just tried to follow your linkedin page but got a different Deningma I think?
3. I just used your product (it's very cool product - reviewed it before - pricing is always an experiment so be ready to experiment)
4. (Sorry about the numbering) - Please update that Pricing Page ASAP with content and have it linked to your Stripe/Wells/Paypal or other gateway ASAP :D I tried to click it as an impulse buy :D
5. Take a picture to commemorate the important day!!!

Good luck!

vanessaonugebu · 21d ago

1. Thank you! Tweet about us too if you want!
2. Nope, we don't have a LinkedIn.
3. Thank you! We tried to price competitively so we hope all goes well!
5. We have it linked but we are still putting the final touches on. We hope you joined the waitlist so you can be one our first subscribers!
6. Will be doing that for sure!

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement :) · 21d ago

Let me know the actual launch date and I’ll tweet about


Ping me when you announce on Twitter @brainsprays and I’ll retweet your announcement there and on my personal Twitter @LiquidScenarios if you prefer.

Have a great launch!

manojranaweera · 22d ago

All the best with the launch. Obviously you are targeting product owners. But does this not end up increasing their workload? What size of organisation are you targeting? What's the ideal customer persona?

If you want volunteer army to help you with the launch, just get in touch please

vanessaonugebu · 21d ago

It helps product managers explain existing codebases to new employees and it saves a technical product manager time from having to explain things to their devs. We're targeting any size org that needs Denigma. Our ideal customer is a developer, CS student, person learning to code, org, etc.

manojranaweera · 21d ago


Among our 1898 volunteers from 67 countries include developers and CS students who want to gain experience. is partnering with education service providers who among other things teach coding. We are just about to onboard a partner who has a large student base. A long way to go for us.

vanessaonugebu · 20d ago

Would love to discuss a partnership. How do we get in contact with you?

manojranaweera · 20d ago

Is email not good enough? I shared earlier in the thread.