Looking for feedback: Competitor intelligence platform
Shared by JoshR · 16d ago · 5 comments

Hey everyone!

I would like to take the time to introduce my project CartRecon. CartRecon is the easiest way to build a library of information on your competitors.

We collect data on your competition, then analyze it so you can make better decisions.

Looking for feedback on:
1. Landing page look, feel, and clarity.
2. We are about to launch our platform shortly, and if you want to test it out it I would love to see how we can help your project.

I would love to hear where you are at in your project. If you have identified competitors (could be in adjacent industries) post them here.

I can post a link to a custom demo, or send it to you privately.

Let me know if you have any questions about how it works, or any feedback!

sole-fields · 5d ago

This is interesting!

1. It's too basic as-is. If you can make it seem more complex and maybe give it a personality like a "private eye" that'd be beneficial. I think your one-liner could be more fun. Something like "CIA in your pocket" even though that's not good at all. I would be excited to use this if the visuals weren't so standard and the company came across as more fun / secretive / sneaky.

Good luck! Any traction with folks so far? Seems like a fun idea, to be honest. I'm imagining your approach is just to scrape publicly available data and monitor that data in a dashboard?

Improve those visuals! Make it more fun & secretive! Like you're paying for an intelligence agency online...

JoshR · 3d ago

Thanks for the feedback.

I love the idea of going with an intel agency theme for branding. Do you like any of these?

=> We are experts in harvesting cyber data
=> An intelligence agency for your company
=> Use cyber intelligence to grow your business
=> Cyber intelligence to sustain your competitive advantage

The idea is inspired by OSINT.

After scraping the data there are various extraction algorithms used from areas like NLP to gather insights.

sole-fields · 3d ago

I don't like harvesting as a word.

What is the exact moment when someone has the problem which your software will solve?

JoshR · 3d ago

- When they find themselves spending too much time checking the competitors sites / social channels
- When they find the market moving and being informed afterwards
- When they find out their product has IP infringements / brand threats and want to be able to detect these events ahead of time

sole-fields · 3d ago

Maybe "competitive intelligence agency" (CIA)