A higher number of sign-ups or better target audience reach?
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Hello Makers

I've been building Prep - University Companion as my side hustle for some time now, as we recently had our alpha web-app build published.

The web-app has only been shared with alpha/beta testers and some organic posts here and there. And the past week, the sign-ups have seen a +15% rise than the previous month.

Good right? Well, the thing is they were just one time users and not the targeted audience. Prep has a very niche audience, especially students from south-asian communities.

How have you been dealing with such an audience? How do you approach them?

I usually send out a personalized email to the Leeds, either about update or feedback, and with the official release of web-app expected by next week, I'd like to be two steps ahead with some plan of action on such signups.

PS. Links:
Web-App: surferprep.com
Landing: prep.surf

jornie · 692d ago

I guess it depends on the vertical, but if you're running this as a business, I would say focus on the most important metric that MAKES YOU MONEY. For example, for us at Coinprofile, we don't really care much about user growth right now. What we care about and push for is volume.

I'd much rather have only 10 users who are making me revenue of $200/month than 1k users that are not making me any money.

I think a lot of startups these days do not start out with making money in mind. They don't run as a businesses, they just want to keep getting investor money to improve on vanity metrics that don't matter.

So at this early stage, find your one important metric that will MAKE YOU MONEY, and work tirelessly at doing what you can to improve on that metric per week or whatever timeline you choose. Which I guess for your case would be a better target audience.

sunim · 692d ago

Small problem for Prep is that the audience is not the one with cash on the wallet, they are students. So, we have to take it differently, there are some plans on the pipeline, which will improve engagement, and thus MONEY. Let's see how it goes