Pioneer Challenge Mastermind
Shared by miriamdorsett · 11d ago · 6 comments

Hey there,
We used to have calls every week as optional organized through Pioneer. I really liked them. Meeting others and helping each other with the "one thing" that we were struggling with for the week.

Is anyone hosting these in some format now? Would anyone want to join one with me? I'm happy to host as long as it's not against Pioneer rules.


Sendoff · 9d ago

+1 I think this could work if the groups are manageable and well run. YC Startup school has these but the lose value unless they're very structured.

miriamdorsett · 5d ago

Good point. We can start small with a 15 -30 minute check in perhaps, and focus on what we are working on for Pioneer for the week?

Sendoff · 5d ago

Cool, I'm in

manojranaweera · 11d ago

I remember attending those in the early days. Had mixed outcomes. Wouldn't mind at least attending one Miriam.

miriamdorsett · 5d ago

Would love to have you Manoj!

manojranaweera · 5d ago

Are you sure? You are asking for trouble!