18 months of lessons learned - Suhail, Founder of Mixpanel
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I found this Twitter thread from Suhail about the first 18 months of Mixpanel particularly valuable. Very honest and clear. Some of my favorite bytes:

Be married to the problem, not the technology. If you're married to technology, you might easily give up due to stress induced by setbacks or boredom. Being married to the problem will motivate you to have the perseverance to continue through hard times or tedious work.

End every conversation with an expert about your industry with: "Why do you think I am going to fail?" to lean into brutally understanding what you need to de-risk.

Last but not least: talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users. talk to users.

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Agree with the first one and I promote the thinking whenever I get the opportunity. See my survey https://www.linkedin.com/posts/manojranaweera_is-it-better-to-talk-more-often-about-the-activity-6793435931668959232-3szR and the conversation around it.

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Something hard to do at the start is actually charge for the product you're building. It never feels like the right time. There's always more to do. This is a leap I've yet to make, but one which I know I need to soon. Suhail's framing clarifies why it's so important for me to make that leap sooner than later. Enjoyed this thread, thanks.

Think of a way to make your users have some skin in the game enough to yell at you to make your product better. Charge or trade for it early on. Waiting for your product to be "good enough" reduces the amount you'll learn each day. The first set of users paid me $20 on Venmo!

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Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

"The first goal I set for our company was narrow: make 10 happy users use our product. A happy user uses it, pays for it, and organically praises it. Focusing on a few wonderfully happy users is a better recipe for great retention. Then go from 10 → 100 → 1K → 10K → 100K."

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One of the more actually useful threads of information to come from Twitter. Thanks for sharing!