Bruhcrypto Finance Website Suggestions
Shared by bruhcrypto · 10d ago · 3 comments

We're currently developing our website and are looking forward to seeing some suggestions if anyone has any about the contents on it.

KenBallou · 9d ago

I kind of dig the minimal design and color scheme. I'm having trouble understanding the product. DEX with NFT marketplace geared toward helping the impoverished, and the competitors you list are coins? How so? Why try to compete with established DEXs for swapping? What is the value proposition there? Will the impoverished have access to this and will those users create a big enough market for this to be viable?

Sendoff · 10d ago

Needs a lot more work. Take a standard template and modify it for now. Use good quality graphics, a clear USP, benefiist, why you're better than competitors, use cases, FAQ, social links and proof, Irl contact details.

This one currently....just no.

bruhcrypto · 9d ago

Hi, thanks for the feedback! We just started updating the website with the suggestions on this post.