Looking to connect with a developer from Canva.
Shared by martinsmillers · 168d ago · 3 comments

Hey fellow Pioneers. I’m building a SaaS tool in the design tech space and would love to connect with a developer working (currently or in the past) at Canva. Let me know if you know someone. Cheers.

jackson · 168d ago

Hey Martins! As respectful as this post is, I'm going to remove it for now as it's not really relevant to the forum.

Excited to have you contribute more in the future, though. Would love to see you post any interesting stories of progress you've recently read about from others and/or open-ended questions related to your own project (maybe this Canva question does have relevance to your project?).

martinsmillers · 167d ago

Hey Jackson. Sorry to hear that. Yes, this Canva question has relevance to my project as I'm building a tool in design-tech space and I'm looking for a) tech advice from someone who has been there, done that b) insights on how I could integrate what I'm building with Canva.

jackson · 167d ago

Cool, it's back up!