Village Global Accelerator Applications Are Open
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Village Global is a great early stage fund that backs founders at Pre-Seed and Seed, and via their Accelerator program. From their newsletter:

"We are happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Village Global Accelerator on a rolling basis. You can now submit your application any time at

If accepted, you are immediately funded and given Village Global resources, you join peer founders in an upcoming program, and continue to enjoy benefits of the broader Village after commencement. The next vintage will kick off in March of 2021."

AndyDent-Touchgram · 10d ago

That's a more interesting potential association than I'd thought, as they were backers of and who are in my space. Thanks Andrew

Love this line in their FAQ:

Can I use my application from another accelerator?

They say yes but I'm pretty sure that's a nice filter to rule yourself out. · 10d ago

Beware the trip wires!

Yeah I've followed Elizabeth Yin for a while and really like their ethos. They also have Yubo in their portfolio so aren't afraid to back social which is nice to know as so many won't.

Good luck!

sidharth_vijayan · 11d ago

Thank you ever so much @Andrew... · 9d ago

Thanks for the heads up, Andrew! · 10d ago

Thank you, will check it out and even try applying · 10d ago

Good luck!

okwuchukwuobi · 11d ago

Nice.... but how about the reference when submitting application. Could you help with that? · 10d ago

I think they probably want someone familiar with you in real life but sure if you want to. As long as you also put me down as "an entrepreneur they should meet" :)

AndyDent-Touchgram · 11d ago

Interesting - they have yet to update the application page - still has Feb 3rd and March 1st for application early/final dates. Maybe they are hedging bets: Those after the final deadline will be considered for the next vintage as a rolling applicant.