Launch Frontier: Monitoro, react to website changes and get alerts without code
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omarkamali · 56d ago

Hello Pioneers!

Monitoro is a no code tool to react to website changes and setup alerts / sync data / trigger integrations or just send the extracted data anywhere you want.

The idea started from a feeling of frustration and missed opportunity.

Who else also had to keep refreshing a website or opening it regularly to know when a product is available, an appointment frees up or a new result appears in a search?

In a more professional setting, it's even more daunting to create a spreadsheet by copy pasting data from many webpages, or even worse, keeping that spreadsheet up to date by checking those websites regularly.

The pattern repeats, from personal situations to more complicated business processes. For example, tracking the price of dozens of commodities on multiple marketplaces across many vendors implies having a dedicated team of associates or advanced tooling that requires technical know-how to set up and operate.

We are making this history. Monitoro effectively gives you a superpower, the ability to be notified about anything of interest to you. And we are making it possible without having to learn any new skills.

We recently opened signups publicly and are growing daily. We are working on nailing the UX before a more visible launch on Product Hunt and other platforms.

If this sounds like something useful to you, I'd love to hear your user feedback (and will prioritize your requests! :))

Sign up here:

Demo (playlist):

kendsouza · 54d ago

The only exciting change that would matter on my website( would be when someone signs up and that info is captured anyway..And then there is google analytics embeded which is free.

Wondering what would be the added value if I have to use it?