What do you think of HackerStash 1.0?
Shared by Chris · 17d ago · 4 comments

After 5.5 months of late nights and weekends, the HackerStash Community has finally launched!

We've received invaluable feedback from our fellow Pioneer competitors over the last few months, so I thought I'd use Frontier to ask for broader feedback on our first proper launch. Our biggest focus over the coming few weeks will be improving the onboarding/new user experience and probably enriching the content user can add to posts.

Anyway, if you have time please take a look and let us know what you think! Here's a question we'd find really valuable to hear the answers too: What is the number one thing that would stop you from signing up?

brugeman · 5d ago

I have become a paying customer in ten minutes after learning about HackerStash, I really like the idea of being super early in a community like that! Got great ideas from their forum.

Check it out people :)

Chris · 5d ago

Thanks! Excited to have you as part of the community

manojranaweera · 15d ago

Cost! I hang out on Pioneer and a few other places for fun. If I pay for something, then I need it to deliver value. To get value, I need to engage. To engage I need to have sufficient playtime. Unfortunately, in this case, I can't commit. So your product is not for me. Sorry!

Chris · 15d ago

Thanks! We'd love to make it free (maybe we can one day), but it's really about how altruistic you are for now. All subscription fees go straight into the prize pool and get paid out to the communities favourite projects each week - we don't take a cut, it's about makers helping each other out financially rather than just advice/fun. If we raise some funding in the future we can use that to help with the prize pool and make it subscription free You're feedback is really helpful, as it aligns with our own current frustrations with the model that we're trying to work out!

If you ever do want to join, then use the code PIONEER503 and you'll get 3 months at half price.