In-context chat to anything on the web.
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Hi folks,
it's a Safari Extension that adds public chat to every website you visit. It's like Intercom but public, and added automatically to every website.
Think about it as of in-context Twitter feed or Google Docs comments.

Use cases:
- Let's say you visit a API documentation website and something is not clear. You can just ask others visitors for help in the chat.
- Or maybe you're browsing some products on Amazon and want to ask other users for honest opinions. You can do that in the chat :)

Team members:
- just me :)

Download here:

Github repo:

Let me know what you think :)

rogue1 · 810d ago

hmm. I have been already working on exactly this :)

snoreflex · 814d ago

this is a cool concept, developer documentation would be a great place to focus early on

mgg · 814d ago

Liked the idea! · 814d ago

very interesting am curious how you will handle the chat rooms

InventionStore · 814d ago


sunim · 814d ago

You are trying to solve a problem however would have loved to see the documentation on your Repo as well. Honestly love the concept that you can just reach out in any website to anyone

worldwidekatie · 814d ago

That's a really great idea! the demo looked great and made it very clear what you're building.

CamiloMorales · 814d ago

I think it's really interesting. Do you have a web version ?