The Founder-VC office hour, let's join for free :)
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Excited to announce it here. We'll expose the fundraising events for early-stage founders. All the events are office hours styled and hosted by great investors.

Join the network as a founder to be notified when the VCs are open their virtual office hours on Remotehour. Then, jump into their room to chat when they’re available.

The upcoming events:

[1/11 9am PST] Austin Ju, New Stack Ventures

[1/12 10am PST] Petra Griffith, WEDBUSH VENTURES

[1/12 11:30am PST] Matt Divack, Moment Ventures

[1/12 3pm PST] Yun-Fang Juan, Brighter Capital

[1/14 1:30pm PST] Raj Jha, Angel Investor

[1/16 12pm PST] Presh Dineshkumar, LAUNCH

[1/18 9am PST] Omar Sebai, Valia Ventures

[1/19 10am PST] Caroline Yeager, Vitalize Venture

[1/20 3pm PST] Jacob Jackson, Angel