FitComm - People pay to view live stream workouts from trainers around the world
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Project description:

A space like Twitch where trainers could schedule live workouts from all over the world and people can subscribe to their favorite trainer or even explore other trainers and workout with them.

Team Members:
Dharini Kadiwala
Pritesh Kadiwala
Rei Orikata


nell-919336 · 814d ago

so twitch but for working outs rather than games?

pkadi · 814d ago

Yup! This way trainers get the freedom to connect with their followers directly and globally instead of just being local

bionic-hra · 814d ago

Cool idea. In these times all of this is centralized by instagram. Why would users prefer to use this instead of instagram?

pkadi · 814d ago

That’s very true! So many trainers are linked with gyms and they also do not have an income. So it’s to support the trainers and if this trend continues then maybe even after this ends.

pkadi · 814d ago

Wasn't able to link the backend but on github the entire backend structure for login, register and profile page is completed and for the frontend section the home page, login and register.

Things left to do: Stripe integration, connecting the frontend to backend, and email integration when people subscribe to be notified when the live streaming would begin

pkadi · 814d ago

Finished coding backend for login, register and profile page

pkadi · 814d ago

completed the main page/home page/landing page where users can now see quick info about trainers who they subscribe to to do live workouts with

pkadi · 815d ago

Completed the authentication for the trainers

pkadi · 815d ago

Stack used: VueJS, Node, SQL, & Stripe API

In process:
- Creating the home page where people can directly see the trainers and subscribe to them by email
- Authentication for trainers to login and share the details about their live streams
- Implementation of Stripe API for payment processing