How to Build MVP for Startups
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What do you think about it. Let me know

manojranaweera · 6d ago

Not a bad write-up. Well done! Not bad for content marketing (we just onboarded our first content marketing volunteer).

I didn't bother with any of this for Just went live with WordPress on 1st Aug 2020. Still the same product today, except I had to upgrade the shared server, as WordPress plugins started becoming resource hungry.

Of course, in year 3, the plan is to actually start building tech once we hit 11,000 volunteers and £10k MRR. Those are my validation points, i.e. I would have proven our solution meets the two problems I identified.

That's really it. A very simple business. Just a bit of hard work - all done by Volunteers (free help) with a bit of guidance from me.

Want to join? Want to build together?

Our metrics:

1. 2,205 volunteers from 70 countries
2. £193 MRR
3. Customers joined from Pioneer: 2

Samyak · 6d ago

Wow. Looks great. Will definitely create a account on your project. How long have you been working on it.

manojranaweera · 6d ago

1st Aug 2020. It's not a project. It's a tech company incorporated.

If you are serious about using SkilledUp Life, do send me an email to please. Also note it costs £30/month to access unlimited talent.