Opinion - Web3 is not people-friendly...yet
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I've been surfing the net for new web3 projects to see how the market is progressing in this space. A common outlier I felt personally is that this entire space seems to be incomprehensible to a potential target adopter/user. This is evident in most of the whitepapers, project descriptions and roadmaps I've read.

Personally I feel that Web 2.0 (the current state of the internet) is much more intuitive and easy to understand for the vast majority of the population. Now I feel that the industry is run amok with buzzwords and a chaotic space filled with several fragmented communities powered by an endless stream of new platforms.

Not everyone is a tech nerd. Not everyone can grasp things quickly. Its our job to make sure that everyone can participate and contribute in this emerging economy with ease.

Let me know what you think. Any feedback/criticism is welcome.

GioeleRampinelli · 15d ago

Hi everyone, I think there is an opportunity there. It is true that the "crypto world" is not very friendly, but many brands are eager to exploit the benefit laying in web3, as many people do. So precisely because it's a tough world they need a guide, as people do. My team and I are working on the marketing and advertising side of this opportunity; but there's a whole educational opportunity, too.

That's - of course - if you believe that crypto and web3 are much more than a business/speculation opportunity, like I do.

Anyone interested in talking crypto, let's connect!

ernestoramirez · 17d ago

I personally think Web3 is the future of applications. I highly doubt this future will be comprised of an entirely decentralized society. It will have both centralized and decentralized aspects. The key takeaway is that secure transactions with internet-native money opens up many opportunities that simply are not possible with fiat credit and debit systems in Web2.

Just how most people use internet applications today without even knowing what an API is, people will be using Web3 applications without having to fully understand the underlying technology. These Web3 applications won't be much different for the end-user than the Web2 applications they already use today. The main difference will be that they can now use applications and make seamless peer-to-peer transactions (no clearing house), safely store their money on the internet (not a bank), and access that money at any time, from anywhere.

There is still a lot of work left to do in Web3, but I predict that in the next 10 years, Web3 applications will start making their way into everyone's devices without much resistance. Most people won't care what's going on in the background as long as it works, solves their problems, and is easy to use.

When it comes to the technical aspect of Web3, it's far better to have whitepapers and open-source code available to the public than confusing legal terms (that nobody reads) and close-source code (with no transparency). Sure, whitepapers and code are hard to understand for the average person, but there are plenty of people that can help explain this to the public and keep organizations accountable for their actions. I'd much rather live in a transparent technological world than in one where I don't know what companies are doing with my data, or how they are "hacking" me with their algorithms.

What about NFTs? Well, NFTs have far more utility than people think. They don't just offer opportunities for creators to get properly compensated for their work. NFTs can also be used to provide instant proof of something, such as proof of ownership and proof of completion.

Proof of Ownership NFT Examples:
1. Real estate title
2. Car title
3. Certificate of ownership for a rare item (like physical or digital art)

Proof of Completion NFT Examples:
1. University transcripts and diplomas
2. Professional certificates
3. Resumes

To put things into perspective, if you are hiring a person who says they graduated from Stanford University and you want to verify it, you would have to call the Registrar's office (and probably be on hold for 30 minutes) so they can check their files or database, and you may not get an answer until a few days later. An NFT would provide instant proof.

Again, we are still very early and it will take a long time for Web3 to be widely adopted, but I think it's important to understand the true potential of Web3 and not get lost in all the fluff, scams, and hype that currently persists in the space.

ListofDAOs.com · 41d ago

Can we dig a little deeper on your research? I went back to your original post and saw this quote "I've been surfing the net for new web3 projects to see how the market is progressing in this space. A common outlier I felt personally is that this entire space seems to be incomprehensible to a potential target adopter/user."

What I gathered from this is that you looked at certain projects ( had experiences and thoughts), and came up to the conclusion that based on those projects "....that this entire space seems to be incomprehensible to a potential target adopter/user." Do you see where I can read this as building a stereotype? A judgment either positive or negative on a generalization of a space.

Want to be clear that my definition of a stereotype includes both negative and positive so this could be viewed as a positive and negative stereotype. I say this because many people may think my statement is an attack and get defensive, but it's human nature to stereotype and I could do the same thing! Where do I get my personal definition of a stereotype? One resource called Difference Matters is below. It's a bit older but provides some solid definitions in my opinion.

I am actually a person doing something different in the space, building relationships not pulling APIs, and focusing on a mission over metrics and the people. Many are also not in tech but are artists, contributors, friends, and change leaders.

Would love to hear more!


Allen, B. (2011). Difference Matters: Communicating Social Identity, 2nd ed. Longrove, IL: Waveland Press.

ashwinsk · 41d ago

As much as I can argue that my opinion isn't bigoted, I'll explain a little more on this anyways and let you form your own opinion. For example, I study in design school and am constantly surrounded by amazing artists who have had great success in selling their art and design services. Some of them wanted to start selling NFTs grouped up and proceeded to spent the better part of a month to learn what it is. This is important to know as we do our research on the field before dwelling into anything.

After feeling confident about the ins and outs of this space, they started making custom art pieces to sell on NFT marketplaces. But they encountered a huge problem. People who usually buy art from them were not willing to spend money on something that not only did not have copyright protection, but also something that required them to purchase crypto which diluted the value of their money through exchange fees, platform fees, etc.

Moreover, a lot of artists in this group lost interest when it became clear that clout was the basis for everything in this space. If you look at the top sellers, they sell collections which are more often than not procedurally generated, repetitive and backed by a huge social media presence. Clearly this space is not indie-artist friendly and this shows it.

Finally, let's take an example of a well explained whitepaper made by Polkadot (https://bit.ly/3uoZS2y). Although easily comprehensible to a person with decent knowledge of the space, imagine the perspective of a user who was given this paper with no prior knowledge. They need to go and learn the basics from a variety of different sources and then need to form their own idea on why this is good or bad. Even the websites are full of convoluted terms which still don't clearly explain how it helps the user NOW in a tangible manner rather than something intangible and into the future.

Web3 will definitely make the world better. In the future, just not now.

ListofDAOs.com · 41d ago

Hey, I really appreciate this! It offers insight into your thoughts and I believe describes some apparent issues that people on this site can consider or even help solve. Apologize (to you and manojranaweera) as the first time I read this I thought the comments below were linked so I adjusted the post! I hope web3 makes a difference!


ashwinsk · 41d ago

No worries John. A good discussion is always dependent on its participants coming with a variety of thoughts and opinions. I'm sure this discussion will spark interest in an aspiring founder to solve this space's current issues.

Sendoff · 45d ago

Agree with Ken. There is no current real world solve that web3 can point to as an aha, thats what this is about example. And it is also really really user unfriendly. To be fair, all tech in infancy is user unfriendly (in my opinion), just remember loading a game tape on commodore.......

ashwinsk · 41d ago

Nostalgic hit with the Commodore for sure! I still use a cassette player at times and I can definitely see the advantage of streaming services over it. The learning curve too was quite shallow and easy to understand.

For my 2nd Sem project back when I was studying Computer Science, My team and I tried to find a real world problem for this space. Here's the paper we wrote for that. Feel free to give your thoughts on this too!


Sendoff · 41d ago

I'd say we were showing our age if Pioneer hadn't already outed us..... :) You still have a cassette player? respect! I'll check out this paper.

ashwinsk · 40d ago

Thanks! I think I need to untangle that Van Halen tape again. Good ol times indeed!

kendsouza · 46d ago

Rather than user friendliness, web3 has to be looked at from the perspective of what kind of real world problems it really resolves. Something can be user friendly and useless at the same time. It is not much of a game changer yet.

I buy crptos but not for any real life transactions..but merely for speculation to sell it at a higher value later on. Tokenization on the blockchain is not going to be the future if it is riddled with transaction fees, volatility and does not happen in split second times. The NFT world is also speculative for a lot of the digital crap out there. Whether it will hold that value, remains to be seen.

And there is not much security either..plenty of horror stories of wallets getting hacked.

As for decentralization, the web3 dum dums don't know that web2 is already decentralized with the cloud.

The underlying tech of what is called web3 still has a long way to go and even if it improves, does not mean it will gain wider acceptance if all it does is replace applications which do it way better currently. It is tulip mania currently, but it will find its niche in time eventually.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 42d ago

Agree with Ken that "web3" and the entire world of crypto is currently only for speculators.

The decentralization argument is incredibly stupid. As Ken also said, web2 is inherently decentralized - it's based on protocols that were created to survive a nuclear war!

The only centralization that occurred in web 1 & 2 is the large vendors like Facebook and there's utterly nothing in web3 that prevents the same market forces acting again.

ashwinsk · 41d ago

I think that just by fragmenting our digital presence across multiple providers is decentralized enough. If that ain't cutting it , there is always self hosting!

ashwinsk · 41d ago

Great insights Ken! Honestly I feel that this is a classic case of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.". Looking forward to seeing this space come out of this phase.

kendsouza · 40d ago

Its more a case of where web2 is already in streaming and web3 is saying I got a better cassette player:)

sandeshnaroju · 47d ago

I agree, the web3 is not direct replacement right now, but it is progressing, but it needs to be faster. For example, A simple and much needed search suggestions feature for files in an app is very hard to build right now with decentralised file storage systems.

ashwinsk · 41d ago

Agreed. I think finding user preferences in this field is next to impossible with the nature of how this ecosystem works. I'm eager to see this working for sure tbh.

cd · 39d ago

Web3 displays, renders and illustrates the web using existing Web2.0 methodologies. So from the user's standpoint, the result is the same but requires more effort (and potentially costs more) - which may make sense to a security-sensitive-but-not-price-sensitive organization. But largely most orgs are price sensitive, so the adoption of new concepts that digress from the current baseline (whether web3 or not web3) will take time.

TrueSPAC03 · 40d ago

You raise a very valid point.

ListofDAOs.com · 42d ago

Hey, thanks for the comment. I tend to come from the mindset that Web2 is going to evolve and integrate alongside Web3. The harsh reality is that many web3 companies today use Web2 products. I actually look at this as an opportunity to be a leader in onboarding those people.


manojranaweera · 44d ago

I hope to keep well out of Crypto and NFTs as long as I can.

ListofDAOs.com · 42d ago

Hey, I was in the same mindset until I found a really great artist in the web3 space. I purchased some of their artwork and talked with them and the product is so creative. If you would be interested in hearing about it I can let you know more. Their idea is to create custom characters and place them in worlds (which are hand-drawn). The characters almost remind me of minions and it's just fun to see them in the worlds (Pictures). They are only drawing 500 characters and 8 worlds, but are also adding them to comic books.


manojranaweera · 42d ago

No thank. I prefer to remain in the real world.

ListofDAOs.com · 41d ago

Sounds Good! Edited post (Realized this wasn't post from the same person) My mistake.

manojranaweera · 41d ago

mate, you are overthinking. Are you sure I said ""I've been surfing the net for new web3 projects to see how the market is progressing in this space. A common outlier I felt personally is that this entire space seems to be incomprehensible to a potential target adopter/user."

I'm not a person who uses the word "incomprehensible". So you may be barking at the wrong tree here.

I stereotype people all the time. I don't comply with politically correct culture. I say as it is. I don't BS!

I simply do not want to play in NFT game! That's it. There is no need to over analyse. You should just move to the next guy/gal.

Let's park this - you or I aren't going to benefit from this discussion.

ListofDAOs.com · 41d ago

Oh sorry just realized that was for the comment for ashwinsk. Was reading this as a single post. I apologize! Will repost that comment as appropriate sorry my mistake. Considered it parked on my end but I do think my comments are applicable just not directed to the right person. Understand about the NFTs.