's progress update - August 31st, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

content to inspire starting a crisis-prepared life style after our own movement from the city to the country side. cheap and convenient.

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

42nd week

tell me: how have your life changed after covid19? if nothing significant, how come? do you realize this is a unique critical mass world event in a lifetime?

below you can find the link to expand on your own answer, using frontier.

planted trees and seeds, starting simple garden automation, revamping the website, all with less than 100 bucks.

but do we really need a website? and just how much planting we need for self reliance? and how much money we need to spend to stop needing it? answers are incoming...

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

43rd week

finish the garden automation, sure re and visit a few projects aligned with our values.

our lives here at ahoxus have hardly been affected by the covid19. during the lockdown, everything was much easier for us. now we're still looking for our position in all this.

What would you like feedback on from the community?

how much do you think you could save by changing your life style in a similar fashion? and what do you think are the drawbacks?

Project website · 628d ago

Love this and the off the grid, sustainable lifestyle. We are excited to see your progress and for us it's been strange to have reduced social interactions with others while also being forced to move from Puerto Rico to the hillsides of Upstate NY and now DC. Lots of change and adaptation. · 626d ago

thanks for cheering up!

what's strange about reduced social (i take it you mean physical distance) interactions, in your case?

and tell us more about the changes and adaptation. feels like there's an analogy support, or even practice about getting off the grid there. · 626d ago

In our case we enjoy tons of in-person social interaction. Helps keep us sharp :) · 621d ago

oh yeah! i personally miss that, since ahoxus still gets very little in-person anything, while more people don't join in full board.

great stuff, indeed!

doesn't sound at all like reduced interactions, much to the opposite. although i now get it you probably meant in the society, which is very different from interactive within the community.

the word "social" can be interchanged a lot! · 628d ago

The idea of having tips on how to move from city to sustainable living in countryside should be valuable. However I do find that your content is more focused on philosphy rather than practical know how? And then you say "but do we really need a website?" which kind of completely contradicts the whole point? Or you mean focusing on social media instead? Anyhow, I support the idea, would be cool to see practical hints. · 626d ago

ha, nice one!

the focusing plan is getting away from social media. B-)

and practice, in this sense, is really only possible once you know it is possible and why you should follow through. i could never build a compost toilet or garbage myself without knowing at least roughly how to, because there's a very thin balance between one that works from a messy one. it's definitely much more complex than it looks like and even just looking at it it's impossible to tell, unless you know better.

the practice is we have started on the philosophy, and there's hardly anyway around it. why even going outside the city and building compost toilets of you already have all that with so much more convenience in the city?

we actually need the website for all that philosophy, and it does need to be improved, but on this update i was (wrongly) sharing my feeling of frustration on spending too much time on it, rather than in practical things indeed. very misleading and confusing, thanks for catching it.

there's a balance to be maintained there, against all odds, among practice, theories and philosophy...

i'm glad you're past the theory and also need to get more practical, and we sure want to help in there too! soon enough. :-)

also, do makes specific questions, as many as you wish, by whichever means you prefer, and I'll try my best to answer them!

perhaps that's a good way for us to build up on the practical knowledge sharing there.

ps: what's that dummy robot for? · 628d ago

Can you make guides?
How to build a basic farm and what you need in the van etc?
If you can build survival guides, escape from city guides, how to start farming guides etc...
People can implement those for a week or month and see if it's for them?
I mean all you have to do is inspire and build guides and weekly videos/gallery to show how your food/sleep/life is in the nature & weekly podcasts with others doing same! · 626d ago

i don't think we can really make any guides right now. at least nothing better than what's already around, anyway. that's why we've been thinking about curating...

most people don't really know those guides exist, or why they're a viable option.

and, to be honest, most guides are not about getting really cheap... just cheaper than the already rich life from before. which makes a lot of sense: people with a lot of money have lots of time to make guides and videos and still plenty of money spending potential to be saved. but there are plenty of guides on how to get cheap, as well.

this is easy to see on the tiny house movement, for instance. houses from 20 to 50k are cheap if you were considering 100k+ more before... but we're talking here about less than 10k. so far, my own home costs (as you can further see in my update expansion comment below) were around 1.5k, or 2k when counting in everything from garden to tools that should last for years (i also had nearly zero tools). this is far from an ideal home, but it was perfect for my own transaction period i'm going through right now.

thanks for your question and input! · 626d ago

Curation and building categories of guides is not bad at all!
Just make a useful source with updatable newsletter with valuable info, maybe a podcast with youtube channel and you will gain great publicity and build community around it?
You can always use or to start a community on the website or just run a subreddit on the topic. · 621d ago

never heard of either. habitate looks intriguing. reddit still appears to be more aligned with us.

let's just say, for now, this goes as a great upbringing event towards our backlog of "curating content".

certainly something to do soon enough! · 621d ago

Well, Habitate is a Pioneer startup that I've met few weeks ago in the weekly calls haha · 628d ago

The biggest drawbacks are prematurely optimizing. It's possible things could go back to normal just as soon as they became difficult. I don't think my spouse and I could convert to this lifestyle quick enough due to the core aspect of our profession in our daily lifestyles. Good luck this week! · 626d ago


what's in the core of your "profession in your daily lifestyle" that makes you think you couldn't convert? and what, exactly, is that lifestyle conversion for you? is it getting too cheap and not enough conveniences? is it isolating from too many people around? did you read the follow up comment below, about this update? :-)

ps: i'm also curious if you think market metrics could be of any use for us, if we don't want to track anything or even use social media as a marketing platform. =_= · 626d ago

The core is with respect to the stakeholders of our actions in our daily lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur and my girlfriend as a resident, there are others that depend on us and whom we depend on. The bond between us and our stakeholders is based on an alignment of values and a mission to improve the quality of life (for patients) or quality of service (for businesses) through our actions.

Most of the benefits you're describing are great but we've had to isolate and give up conveniences just to get where we are. From my perspective of our personal mission and our core values, there ultimately is no benefit for us to move from the city to the country side.

As for if you think Market Metrics could be beneficial for you, it seems you answered your own question. There is no reason to pay for a service to track things if you're not tracking anything already. But if the volume of your marketing actions is increasing and you need a way to augment the ability to define what's working, please feel free to join our waitlist on our website ( · 621d ago

thanks for clarifying.

there are many sizes of cities and many different "rural" lifestyles that could go much more together (with the cities) than i am personally willing to try. i bet you'll find a rural lifestyle in a small city that's just the right size for you, if you keep looking...

in practice that's a nearly impossible job, but since there are so many people actually trying to do it for the past few decades, it's not completely impossible anymore.

i can picture a town, filled with stones, walls, electricity and concrete, with a few thousands of residents being fully integrated, healthy and self sustainable, exactly in the way i want to be with just a couple hundred in a much more natural place.

i guess the most crucial aspect for our current society and system configuration, is simply having and using more space, with less walls and no cattle.

but all that's just to say if you feel inspired by our movement, it doesn't mean yours have to be all the same to take in the core values and make something truly regenerative and good for everyone! · 621d ago

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this was rather surprising and probably a new high record. · 628d ago

Great work!

JoesWriters.Club · 628d ago

A marvelous idea. Great work! · 629d ago

*typo*: finish the garden automation, *website revamping*, and visit a few projects aligned with our values.

on another new note for some of the next updates, **anything more to say?**

yes! much more today... ^_^

from my rough estimations, my personal costs went from 10k to 6k per year, just by slowly removing housing over the past year! in february i finished paying for my trailer, which is now my house.

and the past 6 months shows how this cost will go further down:
- i've spent 700 eur in my home upgrades, which includes the garden, most of which were purchased to last many years
- the planting, diet change and weekly routine getting more local will reduce my vehicle costs from the current 500, most of which comes from the routine and groceries. food, including snacks and eating out, is 1300.

all together, that's up to 5k per year reduction possible, by using a bike. granted, it'll be important to still use the car to visit neighbor projects... there's a 1k cost to internet right now that will be reduced by about half just according to the current plan alone, and some extra costs that ads up to less than 500, so i could probably save at least another 4k per year.

the drawbacks are plenty but, just like the benefits, there are 2 sides to them:
- the initial investment (that i didn't do enough yet) to get more convenience (that i still don't have) such as the solar heated shower and room, a solar kitchen, etc. but i also currently "abuse" of a friendly situation in which i have access to those (not solar) in the near city.
- internet access needs to be done by walking up the mountain, often. can't work reliably with that from current house location, in the land itself. but internet isn't really that needed anyway, for most of the time, and it's good exercise!
- electricity is by using batteries and manually changing them on the solar panel, on top of the hill. batteries are generally terrible on the sustainability scale. but it's still a small price to pay to stay connected to the world (wide web, anyway), since almost all of it go to cellphones (some to light and such smaller appliances on electricity cost)
- the car is still an old one, using gasoline instead of electrical/bike. but it enables us to even make the project viable and it's still a minor cost and prejudice.
- little protection from the rain and mud. but both are actually good for the body and skin, in moderation.
- so many more, you'll have to visit to see! but you can also just visit your local eco village for most of the drawbacks. ( ◜=_=◝ )♡