Question: Starting and Stopping Tournament
Shared by bv · 178d ago · 10 comments

I read the Pioneer FAQs page, account settings, and the Pioneer blog trying to figure out the rules on stopping playing the tournament.

I'm not sure if continuing to play in the tournament will help me in the next stage of my project. I don't have a good way to give progress receipts in this next phase.

How do I stop playing for awhile? Also, I'm a little confused if I can delete the account or if all the data stays forever.

Any feedback is appreciated.

manojranaweera · 178d ago

I had a period where my progress was next to nothing for I kept submitting progress updates without missing a week. I'm now #32 on European list. Sorry to hear not much is happening. All the best.

Oh, by the way, are you stopping due to a lack of resources? We might be able to help.

bv · 178d ago

That's awesome about the come back!

It's not a resource problem or a progress problem. It's a system problem. To move forward, I need to spend 2-3 months working primarily on something that I shouldn't make visible on a website. Without a way to verify it, it would be tempting to optimize for more visible progress. But that would be a distraction. I'm not working on a tech product so it makes sense I'm having this problem. Pioneer was good for phase 1 of this project. And maybe for phase 3. But I'm not sure it will be for phase 2, which is where I am now.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 178d ago

There's a difference between can't make visible on website and must keep secret.

I've become a fan of using public Notion or Evernote pages to allow people to see details of things being worked on and how you are thinking about that.

Design tasks, research tasks, can all be items on which you need to make progress.

Agree strongly, don't let participating in Pioneer drive what you're planning. I've slipped into that thinking a couple of times and regretted it.

CryogenicPlanet · 178d ago

I would still recommend pushing through, it is okay if the progress isn't clearly visible on the site cause everyone won't remember your site from last time anyway. I remember for most of my time I didn't make super visible flashy changes on the site(those are rare anyways).

Interesting thing about not stopping pioneer, I was just building out my product as just that a product/project nothing more. And post launch to decent reception I had some plans to continue but wanted a break. For some reason I kept submitting progress reports ( I suspect because I enjoyed the calls and wanted to be part of the community/push myself to work more on the project) but suprisingly I grew massively in those 3-4 weeks and became a Pioneer( Currently #2 in Asia).

Tldr: Set your own goals for progress then meet them and make the progress reports good, you'll grow or at least sustain

bv · 178d ago

Thank you for sharing your story! The community aspect is huge. I like seeing other people's progress. It's interesting to see projects over time. · 178d ago

You should still post updates. It keeps you accountable.

You can still set goals for the week and tick them off as you achieve them. I've found this really helpful even on weeks we haven't had much to "show". Helps keep me focused.

bv · 178d ago

That's a great point. Keeping with a group system is probably the best for now, even if I can't show visible receipts.

You post reminded me of something I was wrestling with today that might be relevant to others.

There's no way cheating the rock climbing just can't. The activity forces the accountability. I'm a group exercise person. I don't get the same level of workout without a group. Except with rock climbing. Rock climbing is different because the activity makes me accountable. I was reminded of that today. I wonder if all of us should be looking for the equivalent of the rock climbing walls with what we're building. Where the group system keeps us accountable and the activity itself.

German · 178d ago


You may just stop providing updates.
I was absent here for 4 months, now re-joined.
It looks like you will lose all points which were cumulative (like update strikes).
All the information you have provided about your project and significant part of points you gathered will stay as is. · 176d ago

We're also in this position. Though we may have one more thing to show, pioneer has distracted from more fundamental things we need to do that are long term and are less visible plus sacrificed at least one day a week of gaming time with our community. It's not an efficient part of the fundraising process at all and that's a factor

bv · 176d ago

Pushing through seems important. But I might try to combine it with this advice; slow down to speed up.

If I slow down my expectations, I can spend more time on quadrant II in the Stephen Covey time management matrix: important not urgency things.

For example, I should probably read more
stories while I work on writing them.

Since I haven’t been, I should check the procrastination equation. Sure enough, there’s expectancy and delay issues.

Reading stories feels less result oriented than other options. Therefore, it doesn’t get prioritized. That goes beyond the competition. It’s connected to the Inner Game of Tennis. It’s why I have to be explicit about occasionally prioritizing quadrant II.