Get Your Pitch Deck Slide For Free!
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Brainsprays (Lorenzo) and ChapterMe (AK) were testing a hack to help people get more out of online meetings and we stumbled upon something we think will help some startups: 

We built a tool to generate a useful slide for pitch decks just from a users video pitch to a Zoom bot.
It's very, very early stage and raw, but seems to be helpful to those that have tried it thus far!

If you'd like a free slide going into 2022 and are willing to try, just fill out the signup page for Pioneer players ( and we'll send you info.

The app has passed functional testing by Zoom but hasn't passed security review, so it's not live in the zoom marketplace yet.  So we have to provide you with credentials in order for you to test it at this stage (sorry).

Happy Holidays! · 20d ago

I signed up. Looking forward to it! Here's my current pitch deck · 20d ago

Awesome! Thanks for checking out Erik! Looking forward to your feedback.

Happy New Year!

akk · 20d ago

Thanks Erik! The pitch deck looks great! Hope PrepAir is helpful :-)

curtaustin · 20d ago

Thanks, I'll sign up and take a look. Any different ideas or perspectives is always appreciated.

akk · 17d ago

Happy New Year Curt!

Where you able to use PrepAir? Please let me know when you have a chance.

Have an awesome day!

akk · 20d ago

Awesome! Thanks for trying out PrepAir :-) · 20d ago

Thanks Curt! Hope it helps! Nice updates to your site.

Happy New Year!

manojranaweera · 21d ago

Is there an example? You wanted my slide deck - it's here Lorenzo not sure why you could not find it.

I only created it to tease Pete Flint at NFX. Not raising funding until we solve various problems we have.

akk · 21d ago

Thank you for sharing your slide deck Manoj. It looks good! Could you please sign-up so that we can send you an email with further information.

manojranaweera · 21d ago

I would like to know what it is before I spend my time. I don't enjoy mysteries. Sorry. · 21d ago

:D Hi Manoj. Thanks.

Sure. It's pretty easy.

a) You'll give a pitch without preparation using our zoom bot. Here's an example of AK pitching chapterme using the zoom bot hack.

b) 2nd time through (future self) you'll pitch again, as if you've reached your goals for 2022

c) AK has wired some AI in the background that attempts to convert that into a PPT file

d) We have an artist clean that (c) up and hopefully the system gets better

e) We send you the slide.

Still mysterious? :D

manojranaweera · 21d ago

You missed the link of the example. · 20d ago

Here's a link of me using it for Brainsprays

manojranaweera · 19d ago

No sound. Sorry mate. Not for me! All the best!

akk · 18d ago

Thank you Manoj! · 19d ago

No problem Manoj. It's a gift - we're not charging for this. But it's not for everyone so thanks for letting me know.

Have a great day and Happy 2022!

joshbrill · 21d ago

I signed up since I have no idea even where to begin with a pitch deck

manojranaweera · 21d ago

I wrote about Pre-Seed Pitch decks sometime back still on Google No 2. Hope it might also help.

akk · 21d ago

This is great! Thanks for sharing, Manoj. · 17d ago

Happy New Year Josh!

Were you able to launch the Pitch to Slide tool?

Please let me know when you have a chance.

Have a great day!

joshbrill · 15d ago

Happy New Year! Yeah I just tried it. Sorry for the delay. It definitely gave me an idea on what to think about.

akk · 14d ago

It's great to hear that PrepAir helped you out! We will soon send you the slide and we are very excited to hear what you think!! · 15d ago

Great! Just saw the AI generated slide(s) - looks cool! But we still have a long way to go to get it fully automated. I'll clean them up and get your slide to you in the time quoted by the system. Looking forward to your reaction.

Have a great day! · 21d ago

Perfect! Can't wait to see what you think of the slide. Thanks for being willing to give it a try. We're kind of excited based on some early feedback.

akk · 21d ago

Thank you for signing up! We are here to help you get started with your pitch deck. Will send you an email with more information. · 21d ago

Cool AK! It was fun working on this. Hopefully it will be useful for some of our friends here on Pioneer. Thanks for pushing me to get this done by year end.

akk · 21d ago

It was great working with you as well Lorenzo! Working on PrepAir really helped me in pitching my startup confidently and to the point.

Hope it helps other Pioneer players in preparing for their upcoming pitches.