What Email CRM does Pioneer/your startup use?
Shared by Cadoo · 600d ago · 13 comments

Pioneer has hands down one of the best email notification systems ive ever used. It is great at sending updates and keeping me engaged. I am trying to get a CRM for my app setup and wondering what providers has worked well for you all.

rishi · 599d ago

We actually don't use an email CRM at the moment! Just Sendgrid plus a couple Ruby gems.

gavinyue · 597d ago

MailChimp takes like 60% email marketing market share. I did some research on these tools recently. Most of the tools are similar except the pricing.

If you are developers who want to send emails, then email templating tool + SendGrid/AWS SES/other would do the trick.

If you are a marketing background, then MailChimp and others would be better.

gavinyue · 583d ago

mailchimp own over 60%

Surprisingly saw I replied this thread... Totally forgot...

akshaysoni · 589d ago

Active campaign is the best

werbot.com · 592d ago

We use Mautic + AWS SES.

Within.Fund · 597d ago

Using MailChimp but their notifications have been sketchy (ie, they don't notify when a new user signs-up, as the settings indicate). Integrates with lots of other tools though which is great.

Also using JotForms for a lot of processes, which I've found to be the most flexible forms tool (so far).

sam@novamoney · 597d ago

SendinBlue. Great product, best pricing, very well polished.

Kryotech · 598d ago

At the moment to manage our teams we are using a custom version of NextCloud. We've ripped out the crappy native end-2-end encryption and wrapped in the same awesome post-quantum encryption we use on our secure messaging app, Vox Messenger.

Totibill-2019 · 599d ago

Could you guide me a bit by explaining me how things work here.

Tradeplan.co · 599d ago

Not sure if mailerlite can be considered as CRM but for now not using any other tool. I use telegram group to talk with my app users.

oropocket.com · 600d ago

We use self hosted mautic. The results have been good so far.

braddwyer · 600d ago

Customer.io has been great for us. Super powerful and easy to use.

zach · 599d ago

Brad got us (shopdeft) on customer.io. Won't turn back now. Love it.