Rebranding our app from scratch... need user feedback
Shared by sam@novamoney · 384d ago · 4 comments

Hi players, I'm currently rebranding Cash Coach to make it look more futuristic and more gamified, which involves redesigning the whole app. I will update the website later on.

I'm looking for people to have a look at our new prototypes and give honest feedback. Happy to offer free months of premium plan or do user testing exchange - as you wish!

Let me know if you have any question or comments :)

If you want to book a slot, here is the calendly link:


manojranaweera · 383d ago

If you are willing to subscribe to (£25/month), we might be able to find UI/UX testers. Let me know if you wish to pursue and I can introduce Mithun to help you.

sam@novamoney · 383d ago

Sounds good, I'm in!

manojranaweera · 383d ago

Thanks. Sam, I need your email. Or could you email me at please?

michaeljelly · 383d ago

Looking forward to helping Sam, always great to chat. The futuristic and gamified vibe is definitely where I see the opportunity to differentiate! Cashcoach is helping you into your financial future.