20 reviews done - suggestions for improvements
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After a long time, I reviewed 20 applications

1. Biggest issue is that most people do not ASK for feedback. If you don't ASK, I have no obligation to help.

2 The ASK is not usually well written. I know English isn't everyone's main language. Please put your best effort.

3. The metrics Pioneer suggest is crap - it's something they find useful but for us, is of no value in terms of reviewing performance. The best three metrics are:

- MRR - shows you are making money
- Transactions (if not revenue base) - this shows people are using your product
- Users - shows you have a strategy in place to acquire users

If you have none of the above, then website visitors, which is what Pioneer seems to value.

3. Describing what you are building - for many, it's not clear. Take your time to improve. ASK for help

4. Websites - most are crap. Some look like built in the early '90s. So many free templates out there. Use one.

Those are the main issues that really annoy me.

Next are submissions by consultancies, agencies, etc - sorry but I am not here to review yours as my focus is tech product startups.

NFTs, Web 3, crypto - I have no interest, so I politely say so.

My rant over.

manojranaweera · 19d ago


1. https://skilledup.life - free talent for tech startups is not open to NFTs, Web 3, crypto, etc. It's just I cannot help myself due to zero knowledge and zero interest.

2. https://skilledup.life is not for consultancies, agencies, etc but possibility exists for partnering.