How to talk to users?
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One top piece of advice I do get from Pioneers is: Talk to users.

I love to know what's the best way to go about it. If you've done it before, you can share your experience and the right kind of questions and conversation to have.

PS: New Pioneers can also benefit from your experience. · 229d ago

There's a great framework from YC for speaking to customers here:

estebanvargas · 229d ago

Read books such as The Mom Test or Lean Customer Development.

A few actionable insights:
- Talk more than you listen
- Ask open-ended instead of yes/no questions.
- Ask about current or past behaviors, not future ones.
- Let them talk about their life. Don't ask things like "what do you think about this solution?"
- Ask them about their willingness to pay

Sandy-ONeill · 212d ago

These are great, Esteban, thanks!

Gabi · 218d ago

I definitely second Mom test!
Talking to Humans:

Another thing I recommend is reading Steve Blank's work on Customer Development:)