What do you use to build a waitlist / do waitlist management for your web app?
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Any recommendations?

joe_chasinga · 5d ago

Another one to check out is https://referk.it.

John_CropSafe.io · 18d ago

At CropSafe, we use a form on our Webflow website or a Typeform to collect leads, then use Integromat (Zapier also works) to send these leads to Mailerlite to engage them with email campaigns, as well as to an Airtable base for further cohort analysis and research by us.

I've heard WaitlistAPI is also a great tool! https://getwaitlist.com/

sam@cashcoach · 9d ago

Thanks, I was looking for a simple free API for waitlist!

mattcrail · 17d ago

That was our exact flow as well

nino · 18d ago

Can you talk more about the Airtable base? I'm still new to it and this is the first I've heard of it used in this way. Thanks!

John_CropSafe.io · 16d ago

Basically, we send all the information collected about a user that just logged their details on our waitlist to Integromat. It's a connector that will act as a pipe to import this data into Airtable. Works pretty much exactly the same as Google Sheets or Excel. On the table we use different filters to see new entries or carry out analysis such as where are the most popular user countries? Or what crops are these potential users growing?

CryogenicPlanet · 18d ago

Was going to recommend WaitlistAPI as it works pretty well and super simple to set up using it for one of our products

manojranaweera · 18d ago

I built https://skilledup.life on Wordpress within a couple of days, so there was never a need for a waitlist. What are you building?