I just received $60K check from the Angel. So exited
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it took me a month to receive $60K check from the angel. He will join the team as well and will help with the market expansion. So excited.
Any ideas what should i focus on at the moment? I am looking forward to close more sales

manojranaweera-2 · 312d ago

Well done Emin. Sales solve many problems. But start thinking about how you would build the business up if cash is not a limitation. Ideally

1. Product - Map out the product over the next 36 months, with a detailed plan on the next 12 months
2. Marketing - how would you generate demand so that sales can be closed quickly?
3. Sales - What are your key targets for each of the next three years
4. Operations - How would you run the processes and systems smoothly to on-board and wow customers
5. Support - how would you continue to delight your customers
6. HR - think about teams for each of these areas. We can help you with mixing paid with volunteers from https://skilledup.life
7. Finance - what are the milestones you gonna hit, what level of capital do you need. Could debt finance be an option?
8. Legal - continue to plug holes in legals. Very important subject for VC due diligence.

All the best.

woutdispa · 313d ago

So excited you wrote "exited" and I'm like "wow he was satisfied quickly" :)) ... congratulations!

murmurads.com · 313d ago

Thank you very much

Arha · 231d ago

How do you measure conversion for ads displayed on your car banners?

dominik · 303d ago

Congrats Emin! Good to hear that another community member have succed! I think that our presence here helped us raising a pre-seed round also.

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oras · 312d ago

Congrats Emin! This is great.
I would echo everyone to focus on sales but at the same time put some money for SEO marketing by writing articles related to your niche.

andrew-miit.co · 312d ago

Congratulations that is awesome news

bufferway.com · 312d ago

Oh wow, this is a good news, congratulations man!!! This is encouraging to me. I will say you should focus more on sales. All the best

greatalbum.net · 312d ago

Congratulations Emin! So happy for you and inspired by you. I guess your focus should be on customer acquisition, unless you feel like product Dev or customer service are more important.

Brainsprays.com · 313d ago

Congrats Emin!!! Way to go!

murmurads.com · 313d ago

Thank you, man. How is your progress, i see that you got Pioneer badge

Brainsprays.com · 313d ago

It's been a wild ride but a fun ride (just not that much sleep) :D But we helped about 50K preschoolers learn to read since Covid Started so have some proof that our real goal (1MM kids reading before kindergarten) is obtainable. But it may involve large amounts of caffeine to get it done :D

Always loved your concept and very glad to see that you have another sales/marketing person on board. That's where the magic happens IMO.

murmurads.com · 312d ago

Great progress.So proud of you. I know that we need to work a lot and hustle

Brainsprays.com · 312d ago

You too! Let me know when you're ready / offering services in NYC so I can make that intro I proposed to you ages ago. Nice job man!

murmurads.com · 312d ago

For sure i will let you know once we will start the service in NYC