Know why this happens? Votes: 7 Reviews: 5
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What does it mean when the vote count is something like "upvoted 4 times and downvoted 3 times" .. adding to 7. But the number of review comments are 5, two less than the number of votes.

Are review comments optional or are some reviewers clicking this is a low effort progress report? Or something else?

Hallelujah · 39d ago

Review comments are optional when you downvote someone. You got one review among three downvotes. That's nice. Good luck in the future! · 39d ago

Ah ok, so when you're doing an A vs B review and vote for say project A as the best progress of the two, it's possible to leave project B's feedback field blank?

Hallelujah · 39d ago

Yes, correct. · 39d ago

I see. That would make reviews 1/2 as much work :) Though seems the downvoted project would be in as much or more need of feedback than the upvoted. I guess it's less work but also less chances of having your feedback starred as a favorite too. So trade offs. Do you think positive doing things right feedback is more likely to be starred than helpful critical fix suggestion feedback?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 38d ago

I will never star generic encouragement feedback.
I save ALL my Pioneer feedback I give people and what I receive. So the people who copy and paste the same generic answer multiple times are obvious. I have a Pioneer notebook in Evernote with 250 notes of feedback given or received.

I try to give useful feedback ahead of trying to get starred. Some weeks I only get 1 point out of doing 6 pairs, 12 comments provided. I think that's often because I am critical when I think it's needed. · 38d ago

It's sad if one must choose between getting stars and being helpful. That's a reason feedback on which reviews are liked could be important. It could lead to feedback that is both helpful and likeable. · 38d ago

It's difficult to improve giving feedback without knowing which pieces were liked. Perhaps Pioneer could provide a list to each reviewer of their feedback that was starred each week.

Generally it would be interesting to see (could be anonymized) a list of the feedback that was starred across all projects. · 38d ago

There are several that do, some can be spotted even on seeing only one example. If the advice could apply to any random project I'll almost never choose to star it. Some are bad enough I'll downvote the feedback.

I can see why top/longtime players do though. After a while there's about 3 pieces of advice that can pretty much apply to most projects. They're important fundamental elements to get right too.

Thanks for the answer and you have cleared my doubt as well. By the way, what is the meaning of the Karma points?

manojranaweera · 38d ago

All I know is if I review, I get into Top 100. If I don't I get dropped below Top 100. Fun and games. Yesterday, I managed to review 4 pairs and hoorah, I am back in Top 100. Previous week, I missed the reviews.

Good luck trying to make sense of the tournament.