How do I get more event registrations?
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Hi Pioneers, I'm hosting the World Wide Creators Conference on Sat June 20 until Mon June 22. Exploring what it's like for creators to survive during tough times.

I've created Facebook and LinkedIn events to inform people. Many who have marked going/interested on their respective platforms, but not registered to gain access. I'm sharing this across my Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram Stories daily. Sending emails to my list of 1,300 subscribers with about a 20% open rate every other day.

What's the best way to increase registration numbers and ticket sales? Most of my Facebook Ads were rejected due to COVID-19 being in my copy. Will need to redesign them. Registrations are 78% up from last week due to word of mouth. Using video to invite friends and connections. I'd love to hit 100 creator passes by Friday. Got lots of feedback from players in the latest round of voting such as double the coffee pass price (I 5x'd it) and how to reach out and recruit new speakers.

Any advice on growing the number of attendees would be helpful.

mattcrail · 749d ago

I've found throwing an event up on Eventbrite gets you pretty significant traction. Lots of people browse upcoming events and register. I've tried lots of things to get people signed up for webinars in the past, and nearly all the traffic ends up coming from Eventbrite. Plus it's a nice tool for managing events and it's free. · 755d ago

Improve frontend link quality
Is 78% not enough?
Looks interesting, but presentation strategy need to be improved

visionary · 754d ago

My goal is to get to 100+ attendees registered by Friday. We're about 87 away when subtracting speaker tickets. I've added a few sessions to improve the value and overall presentation so people know what they're signing up for.