Paying for Access to Advisors
Shared by michaelrittersbacher · 2d ago · 2 comments

I see places like Cofounders Lab which seems like an endless sales pitch but not really worth using it as a source for advisors.

Has anyone brought on advisors to their startup? How did you do it?

Has anyone paid for access to potentially get advisors?

What would be a reasonable cost for a service that would help you find high-level advisors (like C-suite execs)?

We have one advisor currently who I targeted specifically and reached out to via Twitter. 0.5% equity for an open communication channel and advice when we need it.

Will likely follow a similar path soon as we want to add a couple more specialties.

I have always had good results connecting on AngelList also.

Blake · 2d ago

You're describing basically a LinkedIN for C-suite Execs. like a "Cuff-LinkedIN" or something. Don't most of these advisors have contracts that keeps them from advising others? A bit like a non-compete but I've always viewed it as a "We don't want you wasting your beautiful brain giving anyone else advice."

Traditionally you can just ask them how much. Getting in contact with them is part of the, um, fun. "Never Eat Alone" talks a little about this. You can lookup a corporate directory and usually contact the administrative assistant of these people. Essentially they will vet you to see if your message will be seen as time-wasting or not. But that also depends if Mr/Mrs Advisor is actually able to even entertain contract work.